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Zen12 uses special soundwaves to essentially meditate for you, based on scientifically proven “brainwave entrainment”.

Zen12 Review

Meditation is one of the most powerful methods to rest, relax, and reflect. Many people are aware of the benefits of meditation, but they don’t know how to meditate. Not everyone has an hour each day to sit down by themselves and meditate. If you don’t know the time or the knowledge to meditate, but you’re interested in getting the benefits, then Zen12 could be for you.

What makes Zen12 so effective is that it takes all the hassle out of meditation. Each Zen12 session is 12 minutes of guided meditation that gives you all the benefits of meditating for a full hour. It’s an advanced, more powerful version of meditation.

Zen12 uses special soundwaves to essentially meditate for you. It uses scientifically proven “brainwave entrainment” to induce relaxation and meditation. Each piece of audio in Zen12 contains little audio pulses that affect the brain. It replicates how the brain functions during deep meditation, and the brain copies the frequency to give you the benefits of meditation.

One of the great things about Zen12 is that it accommodates every meditation style. Different people have their own different preferred meditation methods. Some people like to listen to relaxation music, some like the sounds of nature, some like white noise, and some people want (or need) guided meditation. No matter how you prefer to meditate, Zen12 has you covered.

There are three levels to the Zen12 package, each with their price tag. The Beginner package is good for anyone, and comes with the opening Zen12 course featuring 24 MP3 files – the first six levels of the program. Each level lasts for a month, meaning that you get the first six months of levels; covering the beginner and intermediate stages.

The Premium package is good for everyone and includes the entire Zen12 course. This features 48 MP3s, covering all twelve months of levels between beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The premium package features additional audio guides to each level, and access to an exclusive 1-hour long training call hosted by Karl Moore.

The Advanced package offers the same deal as the Beginner package, but you receive the six advanced stages; or 24 MP3s. It’s designed for those who have been meditating for at least six months and so have no need to use the beginner courses.

Each package also includes the following; a quick start guide, a user manual, lifetime support, a 1-year money back guarantee, and a range of free gifts. There are three free gifts in all. The first is a guide to The Secret Art of Self-Development. The second is a guide to the 18 Rules of Happiness, complete with an audio version, and the third and final gift is a collection of self-growth vouchers. The Zen12 package will get you started on the journey of self-improvement, while these gifts will help you along the journey, pushing you to where you need to be.

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