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ZCode System is a portal of the best sports betting picks with transparent analytics, packaged with line reversals, total predictors, and oscillators.

ZCode™ System Overview

ZCode System is a fully automatic sports picking software and subscription service with 100% transparent performance. After successful trials it is now closed to the public and offers full subscription service.

By researching the patterns of game matches in NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA for 27 months and with the brainpower of 21 programmers, the old maxim – “history repeats itself” indeed turned out to hold true. As a result, a powerful and precise prediction model was created. Its comprehensive coverage of sports allows for high betting volume with the bookies, and you can rake in profits all year long instead of waiting for the next season to start.

ZCode Seasons

This is why the ZCode system is not so much a gambling system but more of a traditional investment.

The development team behind this software/system came from the popular currency market scene, known as Forex. They wanted to expand their expertise into a more predictable and fun venue. ZCode System takes into account over 80 different parameters, some of which are: importance of match, player conditions, Home or Away team, goalies, past performance, injuries , predicted future performance, trainers, events, rivalries, feuds…enabling it to calculate profit-making outcomes.

As mentioned before, this is more than gambling also because the system is not looking only for a winner or a loser. Instead, the ZCode System seeks value in every game, thus enabling you to make the most money with the smallest risk possible. Some of these value-based bets could be: “how many goals will fall”, “who’s going to score the most points” or “will there be more than 7 goals or less”. Furthermore, as a collection of emotionless algorithms, with no direct human input, you can count on the ZCode System to “care” only about the raw facts and performance.

The ZCode system subscription usually costs about $199 a month ($49 after this discount). To avoid unduly influencing odds, ZCode regularly limits the number of subscribers. In addition to the main system, ZCode has formed a phenomenal community in the discussion forum. Did a reporter just tweet that a star pitcher has been scratched from tonight’s start? Chances are someone will post that in the forum about it so you can factor that insight into your analysis.

Alongside the core program, ZCode System offers free bonus tools:

  • Line Reversal Tool – Shows you LIVE changes of Vegas lines, spreads and totals, their odds and charts as well as public percentages on the team.
  • ZCode™ Oscillator – Shows current trends and streaks of your team.
  • Totals Predictor – Allows you to easily predict the totals.
  • ZCode™ MLB Pitcher Profit Oscillator – Shows you the current condition of pitchers in an easily accessible chart.
  • Power rankings indicator for all 4 Major Sports – Shows the real condition and power of teams based on plethora of internal system indicators.

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