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World War Water gives you step-by-step tools to build your own H2O Dynamo, along with 2 report guides containing many advice, and much more.

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If you already hadn’t been clued in on what’s going in US by just looking at Lake Mead, the largest US reservoir, with its record low level since 1930, according to NASA, we are very close to face a 100-years long drought; one more devastating than the 1930 Dust Bowl, which plunged America into the great depression.

It is likely to affect the entire continent, from Canada to Mexico, but has nothing to do with the Global Warming hoax. Instead, it will be caused by a weather pattern that happens once every 1000 years.

World War Water - Crazy Drought

John Gilmore, a writer and editor from survivopedia and expert in wilderness survival, explains why the mainstream way of finding and storing water will be useless in the coming 100 year drought. Old methods will make you vulnerable to FEMA, the government, and other greedy water suppliers, not to mention becoming a target for looters that would kill for a drop of water.

Water is the substance that sustains every living organism, so it can’t be overstated how severely its absence will affect everything we take for granted. It already happened recently when drought caused the Syrian civil war, from 2006 to 2011, which eventually birthed ISIS with the help of the US government.

Fortunately, Israeli army has constructed a marvelous machine, a portable water generator that makes water out of thin air, that is, from the air’s humidity itself.

It can give up to 50 gallons of water per day. This means that it can be used in the middle of the desert, leaving you truly independent, from both the thieving corporations and the violent, destabilizing government! And not only that, the water you get from air is more oxygenated so it will also improve your metabolism.

John Gilmore decided to make his own version of Israeli’s device, his own H2O Dynamo. He set his budget to affordable $300, and after a couple of months, with the help of his engineer friends, he was able to pull it off for just slightly below the set budget. Of course, it is not as efficient as Israeli’s version, but nevertheless it produces up to 10 gallons of pure clean water per day. It costs 9c per hour to keep it running, which is less electricity than what a desktop PC takes.

John’s program, called World War Water, gives you step-by-step tools to build your own H2O Dynamo, along with 2 report guides containing many advice on how to recognize if your water carries invisible toxins; from fluoride, arsenic to parasitic protozoa, parasitic worms and other viruses and bacteria. Additionally, you will find 6 ways nature contaminates your water, and ineffective water purification methods and equipment…all of which is just a fraction of the life-saving knowledge you will gain.

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