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Words That Trigger Lust helps men attract women by using the right words at the right time to trigger a biological response in women.

Words That Trigger Lust Review

Every woman has a switch in her head that basically determines if she wants or doesn’t want sex. It can be considered a “sex trigger”. If the trigger isn’t pulled then she gets defensive and is likely to turn you down, if not choose someone else to sleep with. It’s even possible for this to happen in a relationship if she feels that you are pushing her for sex if she hasn’t been triggered and it leaves her feeling disgusted. If this sex trigger isn’t activated then just about anything you do will just make the situation worse. Words that Trigger Lust by Jack Grave is designed to teach you the words you can use to activate that sex trigger and make women want you.

What is the Words that Trigger Lust Program?

The Words that Trigger Lust program is designed to help men attract women by using the right words at the right time to trigger a biological response in women. It also has a range of innocent phrases that can be used to spark sexual fantasies and lots of other information on seducing women.

How Does Words that Trigger Lust Work?

The program contains some innocent words that work to make a woman obsessed with you. The words help trigger her sex switch and make her want you. It shows you just what to say and when to say it to stimulate sexual attraction and make a woman invested in you.

What do you Learn with Words that Trigger Lust?

You’ll learn all of the words that trigger lust so to speak. These are innocent enough words and phrases that won’t make a woman uncomfortable to hear, but will get her interested in having sex. You’ll learn techniques and tricks to give you the advantage over other men and make women focus only on you by activating the sex trigger and making her see you as the only man that can give her what she wants.

The sex trigger can be activated to make a woman feel like she has to sleep with you. It unlocks the fantasies that she keeps hidden away to make you the object of her desire. These words are said to be effective no matter what you look like or how old you are, so anyone can use them to give themselves an advantage. They give off the vibe that you are comfortable with sex and it makes the woman start to think about sex and be comfortable with it herself. They show her that you are sexually mature and make her think of you as being experienced and someone she should consider having sex with.


At the heart of it all, Jack Grave’s Words that Trigger Lust is a guide to attract women and make them want you. It works by using the right words at the right time to trigger a biological response in women. Every order of Words that Trigger Lust comes with Jack’s personal guarantee that the product will work r you’ll get your money back as well, so don’t worry about it not working properly.

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