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Wood Profits delineates the ways to start and grow a woodworking business, catered for all the people having a passion for woodworking, written by Jim Morgan.

Wood Profits Review

More people than ever are moving into the self-employed sector these days. The economy is in a bit of a slump and jobs just aren’t coming like they used to. There are many ways for people to start their own businesses and earn money their own way. One way that’s great for people who know how to use their hands is woodwork. Wood Profits is here for people who are either experienced carvers or people looking to start out.

Woodworking is a hobby for some, and a job for others. It’s something you can do in a small space so you don’t need to hire out an office or shop either. You can set up a woodworking station in your garage if you’d like. Some people already have all the tools they need. They just don’t know it.

Wood Profits teaches you everything you need to know about setting up your own woodworking business from home. There is a full guide complete with an audio version that tells you what you need and how to do it. Set up your own business at home or just have some fun with woodwork.

As well as giving you instructions on how to get started selling woodwork, Wood Profits also has everything you need to get started making woodwork projects. It has detailed step by step plans on a number of really popular projects to get started. The projects cover different skill levels as well so everyone from beginners to experts can find something to make.

With Wood Profits also comes access to one on one coaching via email with the founder of Wood Profits who will help you if you get stuck. He’ll show you what you really need to get started. There’s no need to spend a few hundred bucks on big power tools you’ll not need. Instead focus on smaller tools that really get the job done.

Wood Profits also includes information on how to be a savvy businessman. It’s important to know when and how to sell your projects. The guide includes a simple price guide you can follow to price your goods accurately. If you charge too little you won’t make any profit. But if you charge too much people won’t buy them. You need to get that price right.

Repeat customers and a customer base are the two most important things to any businessman. You need customers who love your work and will come back for more. Learn how to impress your customers right from the get go and get them coming back for more.

Everything you need to know about starting your own woodworking business is included in Wood Profits. This was just the tip. It’s packed full of information about how to work with wood and how to sell it afterwards. How to run a business and how to enjoy what you do is all in there. It really is a one stop shop to making your own one stop shop for woodworking.

  • If you prefer physical products, Wood Profits provides you with the option to request a hard copy of the book and audio CDs to be shipped to your home.
  • Getting tips on establishing a loyal customer base who will constantly show interests in your projects.
  • Tips on starting your business under $50, which will break the normal misconception that you need a big capital to start this kind of business.
  • Exclusive and unlimited one-on-one email coaching with Jim.
  • Learn how to outsource some of your work to scale up your business.
  • A detailed guide showing you how to really make money by selling your woodwork.
  • How to pinpoint the optimal price of your work for the maximum profit.
  • A 53 page guidebook containing the nuts and bolts of starting your own woodworking business.
  • Learn about antique repair and restoration – a field of woodworking that still has a huge potential.
  • Learn how to scale up your business by getting commercial contracts.
  • How to market your woodworking start-up business online.
  • A list of 10 profitable wood craft proven to sell.
  • As many as 500 detailed plans for building various woodworking projects for a quick start to a brand-new woodworking business
  • An audio-book version that you can listen to in your workshop, garage, car, or anywhere you want.
  • A free bonus set of plans for building an outdoor shed.

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