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Why Men Pull Away gives you strategies based on paleolithic principle, and become those women who don’t fail at keeping their dream man.

Why Men Pull Away Review

If you have been dating men for even a while, you may have noticed that a certain pattern always emerges – seemingly out of nowhere they start to pull away from you, becoming more reserved and distanced.

Slade Shaw, with his long experience as a dating coach and relationship counselor, also noticed this pattern and tried to figure out why this is, and how do you, as a woman, deal with it, applying paleolithic principle?

He made several important discoveries:

  • Men want a secure, loving relationship as much as women do. Of course, some men will hide this desire around other guys in fear of appearing feminine or soft, and some will have a string of one night stands as a defense mechanism to guard against getting emotionally hurt.
  • Men need very specific things from a woman in order to fully commit to them. Unlike women, men don’t just automatically bond with a partner just because he likes spending time with her, is attracted to her or sleeping with her. Men need one more ingredient to push them over the edge into full commitment zone.
  • “Pulling away” is a man’s way of finding out if you are really “the one” for him. Sometimes he feels like things are moving too quickly and he needs some space, and sometimes he’s scared of getting hurt and wants reassurance that you’ll be there for him.

No matter what it is, they all have one thing in common, they will all pull away in the course of the relationship.

According to Slade Shaw, this is where the “critical moment” occurs in your relationship – how you react to him pulling away is critical to whether he sees you as “the one” or just “the one for now”.

When most women sense a man is pulling away they do one of two things:

  1. Try to talk to him about it in an effort to find out what is going on.
  2. They pull back themselves in the hope that he’ll fill the vacuum and come back to them.

Unfortunately, neither of these approaches works. The first one is perceived as pressure, and the second one is seen as playing games or actually getting cold towards him yourself.

The right girls, let’s call them dream girls, know how to read a man’s true reasons for pulling away, and simply give him what he needs at exactly the right time in exactly the right way.

Why Men Pull Away – Discover What He’s Really Thinking relationship guide by Slade Shaw gives you tools and strategies to know what to do, how to act on that knowledge, and become those dream girls who don’t fail at keeping their dream man.

Among many effective techniques, learn how to initiate “harmless questions” which will tell you the reasons behind him pulling away, without asking him directly in order to avoid triggering his defensiveness and further withdrawal. Instead, sending a flood of bonding hormones through his brain with paleolithic principle, so he feels more connected to you than he ever has to a woman in his life.

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