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What Men Secretly Want teaches you how to quickly implement subtle things about your non-verbal language to draw him towards you, making “silent treatments” a thing of the past.

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James Bauer, a relationship consultant, discovered a secret loophole in a man’s mind that will truly connect with any man and get him to commit to you for good. You will also learn how to change your own mind, shift it just enough to see the world through a different lens, which will allow you to see what men are thinking and what they really want in a woman.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a guy where he suddenly goes cold at the mere mention of a commitment?

Or when he suddenly becomes distant and his whole attitude changes, and then he suddenly disappears?

Have you ever wondered if he really loves you or if he’s bored in the relationship?

With this program you will uncover something not many people know about, a deep-seated gap in communication between the genders, which has the biggest impact on the success or failure of any relationship.

If you bridge this gap it will be possible to have the kind of relationship that most women can only dream of, a romance that brings you into a whole new world of vivid experiences and makes life worth living like never before.

To make this possible, James devised something he calls the Respect Principle, the key for getting any man to commit to you. This principles allows you to understand how a man thinks and experiences relationships on a deep emotional level, and in opposition of mainstream media’s portrayal of men, it makes you see how the subtle things you do or say affect men much more than you might think.

Research shows that there is a vast divide in how men and women think. For example, a man would rather be respected than “loved”. In other words, men are powerfully attracted to women who trigger feelings of admiration and respect in them.

What Men Secretly Want is exactly the program you need to understand men on a fundamental level, not as a woman, but as a fellow human being. This program will guide you on how to quickly implement subtle things about your non-verbal language and which words to say to draw him in towards you. When you know what he is feeling the period of “silent treatments” will become a thing of the past.

Additionally, this guide is loaded with examples from the real world with real couples in real situations. You will know exactly what to do and say, and what to avoid to achieve you ideal relationship, or repair the existing one.

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