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Vital Reds is a combination of different blends; a polyphenol blend, a metabolism-enhancing blends, and a digestive support blend.

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It’s not always easy to get all the nutrients you need from your diet. As hard as you might try, you could still be lacking probiotics, polyphenols, and other important nutrients. That’s where supplements come in. Many use supplements to – quite literally – supplement their diet. Good supplements, such as Vital Reds from Gundry MD, are packed full of everything you need to keep your body healthy.

Vital Reds is composed of 34 different superfruits that are packed with polyphenols, probiotics, and natural fat-burning ingredients. These ingredients work together to boost your energy levels and digestion; making it easier for you to exercise and lose weight. The vitamins are important for keeping your skin healthy too. One of the great things about Vital Reds is that it is all-natural and completely free from soy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and lectin.

Vital Reds is a combination of four different blends; a polyphenol blend, a metabolism-enhancing blends, a digestive support blend, and a blend of vitamins and minerals. The polyphenol blend contains 34 polyphenol-rich ingredients. The three main ingredients are aronia berries, grape seed extract, and mulberry extract.

Aronia berries are sometimes known as chokeberries, and they have been proven to improve heart and digestive health, as well as balance cholesterol levels. Grape seed extract is great for the cardiovascular system and managing your body weight. Studies have shown it reduces the amount of food volunteers ate by 4%. It might not sound like much, but every little counts. Mulberry extract is another ingredient that is good for your heart and your waist. Studies have shown that it decreases levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol.

The two main ingredients in the metabolic-enhancing blend are bitter melon extract and green tea extract. These are bitter melon extract and green tea extract. Bitter melon (scientific name Momordica charanto) is a tropical shrub packed full of antioxidants. It has been shown to improve body weight, burn fat, and maintain regular blood sugar levels. Green tea extract is another polyphenol-rich ingredient, but it is in the metabolism blend for its fat burning capabilities. EGCG is the active ingredient of green tea, and it has been shown to reduce levels of fat in overweight people.

The digestive support blend is made up of probiotics. These probiotics naturally support just about every area of your health, mood, metabolism, skin, energy levels, immune system, and they primarily digestion. Studies have shown the benefits of probiotics including boosting weight loss and reducing gas and abdominal pain. Vital Reds contains 4 unique probiotic strains in L. acidophilus, B lactis, B coagulans, and L reuteri.

Vital Reds also contains a vitamin and mineral blend, which is important for energy levels. In particular, vitamin B is needed for energy levels. Naturally boosting energy levels requires multiple forms of vitamin B, which is why Vital Reds contains all 8 essential forms of vitamin B.

Vital Reds is available in three conveniently sized packages. Each jar provides enough of the supplement for 30 days. It is sold in packages of 1 jar, 3 jars, and 6 jars. It also comes with a 90-day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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