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Vita-D Suncream protects against the sun, infuses the skin with vitamin D, and works as an anti-aging cream.

Vita-D Suncream Review

When the weather warms up and the summer rolls around, suncream and sunscreen is vital. It protects your skin against UV rays. The problem is that not all suncreams are created equal. Some of them actually prevent skin from absorbing vitamin D, a vital nutrient for staying healthy and young looking. Vita-D Suncream by Dr. Al Sears and Pure Radiance solves this problem.

What is Vita-D Suncream?

To put it simply Vita-D Suncream is a vitamin D-enhanced suncream. It’s more than just that though. It protects against the sun, infuses the skin with vitamin D, and works as an anti-aging cream. All in one. Dr. Sears put a lot of research into the negative aspects of some suncream and how to overcome them. The end result is Vita-D Suncream.

How Does Vita-D Suncream Work?

Vita-D Suncream delivers vitamin D3, which is three times more powerful than the regular vitamin D2 used in supplements. This suncream floods skin with vitamin D while also offering a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 35 to protect skin against damaging UV light.

The Vitamin D3 of this suncream has been shown to promote immunity. It sends vitamin D3 directly into the nucleus of your cells, boosting immunity and white blood cell production. It gives the immune system the help it needs to prevent infections.

Vita-D Suncream increases skin levels of vitamin D, boosting your natural defense against illness, supporting and soothing healthy joints, improving brain health, and promoting healthy skin. Thanks to the revolutionary transdermal delivery system Dr. Sears created, it also increases vitamin D levels in the blood.

Having more vitamin D in your blood has several effects. This includes healthier arteries and a stronger heart, balanced blood sugar levels, healthy blood pressure levels, a healthy mood, and a fitter body.

On top of all of that, Pure Radiance Vita-D Suncream works just like a regular suncream to keep your skin safe from sun damage. It provides an SPF of 35, allowing you to go about your day and enjoy everything you do outdoors without having to worry about sunburn or the side effects of a bad sunscreen.

Money-Back Guarantee

There’s no denying the importance of sunscreen. One problem is that not all sunscreens are created equal. Some of them are effectively too good, blocking even vitamin D from reaching the skin. Vita-D from Dr. Al Sears solves this problem. It infuses skin with the nutrients it needs to stay young and healthy. As well as working as a powerful SPF 35 suncream, Vita-D delivers other benefits, including improved immunity and reduced risk of skin conditions. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact Dr. Sears to get a full refund.

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