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US Domino Survivor provides a wide array of options and contingencies, discerning between strategies that worked and the ones that failed ignobly.

US Domino Survivor Course Review

Have you noticed a very peculiar thing happening in the last couple of decades in the US?

This phenomena comes in many forms, but it always manifests as one constant – centralization.

For how many years now do people gather in TV studios in order to analyze and parse every single word that comes out of the mouths of just a few people – the heads of the Federal Reserve System, a central banking system which is one of the pillars of communism in The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

Why are these people so critical, to capture such attention, and why does this situation remind us of the ex-Soviet Union, where few decide the fate of millions?

This is because US has a centrally planned economy, living on the remnants of the free market – the system which made America the number one engine of commerce, high living standards and innovation, as mentioned in the US Domino Survivor Course

As US got off the gold standard into fiat currency and central banking money printing, all bets were off. And like with all centralized systems throughout history… malfeasance, misallocation, subversion and corruption spread.

Most Americans haven’t noticed this transition, which is what the strategy of incrementalism is all about. But they do notice how everything gets more expensive each year – the more the government gets involved into something – how national debt keeps skyrocketing, and how burst and bust cycles appear with greater frequency.

The inherent problem with governments is that they can’t stop growing, no matter the constitution or initial intellectual framework, as a monopoly on force they have no structural constraint of any kind. And today’s US government is truly gigantic, never seen in mankind’s history.

USD Domino System claims that it has already disrupted so many things:

  • Anti-poverty welfare system created more poverty and racial division than ever before.
  • Housing program created housing crash.
  • Higher education program created gigantic student debt because there is no more free market for it, so universities now compete for government fiat money instead of actual services.
  • Socialization of healthcare created worse and more expensive healthcare.
  • Social security system just became another ticking time-bomb.
  • Ever-inflating “defense” budget just keeps creating wars and situations that, besides siphoning enormous quantities of money, makes everyone less safe.

These are all well understood and studied things, perfectly predictable in the halls of academia, but even there the government hand corrupts as it elevates the Keynes theory of economics – a widely debunked, anti-reason tool that the government uses to legitimizes its actions.

With that in mind, this mutant system of corporate socialism, fiat currency, and communist central banking is coming to a calamitous halt. When you have anti-economy, which is what socialism is and why it has always failed wherever it has been tried, nothing else is expected to happen.

The question is, how can you as an individual, prepare yourself?

To not end up as a clueless Greek sap, condemned to rummage through garbage on the streets?

US Domino Survivor Course (USD Domino System) offers you a wide array of options and contingencies, based on past real-world events, discerning between strategies that worked and the ones that failed ignobly. From a continuum of financial advice to the minutia of pragmatic survival, the full program consists of the following items:

  • The Survivor’s Blueprint Community Center
  • US Domino Survivor Audio Course
  • Prepping Americans for Hyper Inflation Documentary Video
  • TSA Proof Credit Card Knife
  • Everstryke Waterproof Fire Starter Match
  • Unlimited Lifetime Updates to the system

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