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Urgent DNA Restore aims to manage the damage of aging and potentially make you feel young again.

Urgent DNA Restore Review

Growing old brings with it a lot of problems: your body and mind don’t work how they used to; there’s an increased risk of chronic conditions like heart disease and arthritis; and your overall quality of life goes down. Urgent DNA Restore from PhytAge Labs aims to manage the damage of aging and make you feel young again.

What is Urgent DNA Restore?

According to PhytAge Labs, Urgent DNA Restore is a supplement that seeks to – among other things – naturally boost nitric oxide (NO) levels. It keeps everything running at its best. Having balanced nitric oxide levels may reduce the risk of heart attack, reduces inflammation, reduces high blood pressure, alleviates the symptoms of arthritis, improves skin health, and more.

Urgent DNA Restore Ingredients

Here are the four key ingredients powering Urgent DNA Restore:

  1. L-Arginine HCL – L-Arginine is one of the most popular amino acids and it serves plenty of uses. It is used by the body to make proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, and energy. Its primary effect is that it expands the blood vessels, allowing more blood and oxygen (and nitric oxide) to flow through the body. L-Arginine is also the catalyst for creating Human Growth Hormone, which has a whole plethora of benefits by itself, including muscle production and keeping organs healthy.
  2. A-AKG (Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) – A-AKG is another amino acid. This one helps to produce nitric oxide in the liver. It is used by itself as a supplement to boost athletic performance because it breaks down byproducts of exercises like ammonia. It allows an athlete to work out for longer without as much pain and stiffness to build lean muscle mass. It also helps to increase nitric oxide production in blood vessels to boost blood flow without increasing blood pressure.
  3. Arginine Ketoisocaparoate (A-KIC) – The combination of A-KIC and A-AKG has been shown to:
    • Boost muscle growth
    • Allow for longer muscle pumps
    • Enhance recovery times
    • Increase overall strength and stamina

    A-KIC dramatically increases how long it takes to feel fatigued when working out, even when doing intense training. Bodybuilders and endurance athletes alike take advantage of what A-KIC can do for them. It also stimulates the clearance of ammonia from muscles and prevents the decrease in muscle pH after exercising. That lets you work out for longer and recover faster.

  4. Orithine Alpha-KetoGlutarate (OKG) – OKG is an ionic salt comprised of one molecule of ornithine and two alpha-ketoglutarate molecules. Several studies have been done on this ingredient that show it helps to boost gut health and the immune system. It’s also been shown to enhance muscle mass for healthy people and enhances the production and release of anabolic hormones.


When all of the key ingredients in Urgent DNA Restore are combined, they work together to restore and sustain healthy nitric oxide levels. According to PhytAge Labs, nitric oxide keeps you looking and feeling at your best. Give Urgent DNA Restore a try for yourself to see what it can do.

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