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Unlock Her Legs makes her world revolve around your little finger and cementing her affection and sexual zeal towards you, created by Bobby Rio.

Unlock Her Legs: The Scrambler Review

You might think that using tricks in order to sleep with hot girls is inappropriate or sleazy, but when the odds are so stacked against you, and with male disposability and female privilege stronger than ever, you soon realize that it’s time to even the odds. Like the saying goes, “All is fair in love and war.”

Rob Judge and Bobby Rio, famous dating coaches who helped thousands of guys fulfill their romantic desires, created a new type of mind hack as the ultimate weapon in these gender wars, called The Scrambler.

As befitting its name, The Scrambler messes with a girl’s mind, using their own evolutionary makeup – being hardwired to want what they “can’t” have – against them and for your own benefit, just like women have been doing against men since the dawn of time!

Unlock Her Legs: How to Use the Scrambler to Nail That Hard to Get Girl by Bobby Rio will make any woman obsess over you while you remain in full control over the burgeoning relationship, to steer towards any direction you see fit.

It works in a way in which you prompt her to be on the defensive and make her race for your attention. By making her seek your validation, all the work is done for you, by her, and the only thing you need to do is make her work harder for it. The more she works for it the more obsessed she becomes, further entrenching herself within your grasp by initiating the sunk cost fallacy.

Even when you are not around her The Scrambler has a full arsenal of seeds that implant in her mind, making her world revolve around your little finger and cementing her affection and sexual zeal towards you.

Among many other tricks you will learn with Unlock Her Legs: The Scrambler program, in a precise, actionable manner, are some of these:

  • Eliminate the risk of rejection by asking her a simple cloaked question
  • Learn about the secret of enticing your female friend to make the first move
  • Reasons behind disinterest after you’ve been with a girl for a while, and what you need to do to turn it around
  • When the window of opportunity is open, learn how to close it, with you on the other side with her
  • Present yourself as the prize for women with 3 elegant “power plays”
  • Hot to master the art of sexting, prepping her up before you even meet in the physical space
  • Learn to recognize the signs of interest in you, and when to make your move
  • When a girl is not responding to your texts learn how to bait her in again
  • Comprehensive ruleset on how to avoid being dorky, too intensive, or accidentally giving her the advantage
  • How to smoothly and imperceptibly move the conversation towards sex, making her even think it’s her own idea

This is just a tiny fraction of the vast arsenal of seduction The Scrambler can give you. With this program, you won’t have any excuse to drastically improve their love and sex lives.

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