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Ultimate Back Pain Solution provides a series of routine exercises that are intended to help you relieve back pain.

What is The Ultimate Back Pain Solution?

The Ultimate Back Pain Solution is developed by Rick Olderman, where you can go through 4 simple steps on an initial phase of self-diagnosis in order to pinpoint where is located and what is the root cause of your back pain and a series of routine exercises that are intended to help you relieve that pain.

The main philosophy behind this method is that the back pain is caused by the muscles (for example, displaced vertebral disks are often pulled apart by tightened muscles in the back), and the muscles can be relaxed and treated effectively by following a set of exercises and routines, as well as correcting many movements you do daily, after just 4 simple steps to find out exactly what is causing your back pain.

Who Is Rick Olderman?

Rick Olderman, Master of Sciences in Physical Therapy, is a doctor with over 30 years of experience on physical therapy.

After years of training, research and practice, he found a method which can exponentially help way more people than his previous methods, at the hands of Dr. Thomas Hanna.

Through the practice of this philosophy and approach towards back pain which drastically differs from many other practitioners in that he doesn’t use the “hammer looking for a nail” approach (his methods are not focused on only certain back pain problems), Rick Olderman has helped thousands of people without even having to touch them (something quite unique in a physical therapist) via just 4 simple steps of diagnosis and a series of exercises directed to help people tackle their chronic back pain.

What Makes The Ultimate Back Pain Solution Special?

  • The Ultimate Back Pain Solution unique in the way that it doesn’t involve any unnatural procedures, disgusting medications, straining exercises, costly equipment or personal visits to the doctor’s office, just 4 simple steps to diagnose and a series of exercises to treat and help you.
  • The routines contained in the program, devised to help people heal themselves trough daily healthy easy-to-execute routines, are senior-friendly and time-friendly (won’t take more than 30 minutes of daily practice).
  • Last but not least, it’s affordable, with an unlimited time money-back guarantee.

The Components of The Ultimate Back Pain Solution

The Ultimate Back Pain Solution is designed in two parts:

Part I – Find Out Why You Are in Pain:

These parts consists of 4 simple steps designed to help you pinpoint exactly the root cause of your back problem.

  1. The Standing Test – 97% of Rick Olderman’s patients use a wrong standing stance, which causes them pain by unnecessarily tightening their back muscles.
  2. The Laying Test – This test is designed to diagnose a too-flexed back arch, which can cause Sciatica.
  3. The Leg Test – Sitting too many hours can shorten the leg muscles and lead to unnatural movements, leading to strain in your back. This test is devised to detect that.
  4. The Hip Test – Oftentimes, we have one hip that is higher than the other. This test is devised to find that out.

Part II – Relieving the Pain

This part consists of specific movements designed to help you relieve the pain via a set of focused exercises dealing with your specific case.

Money Back Guarantee

If these exercises do not help you, does not match your expectations, or you just want your money back, there’s a unlimited money-back guarantee that is there to support you in case you’re unsure whether this is the right program for you or you just have tried many others before and the results have not been the ones you’re looking for.

Rick Olderman’s Ultimate Back Pain Solution Discount

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