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True Hearing System is built around “sound spotlight therapy”, using particular sounds to train your ears.

True Hearing System Review

The True Hearing System from Kevin Clancy is built around the idea of “sound spotlight therapy”. It uses particular sounds to train your ears to work like a hearing aid and improve the volume and clarity of sounds.

Excessive noise damages hearing, but the right sounds played the right way can help bolster hearing. It’s called Sound Spotlight Therapy and it’s at the heart of the True Hearing System by Kevin Clancy, based on Dr. Tomatis’s findings.

What do you Get With the True Hearing System?

Sound Spotlight Therapy

Sound Spotlight Therapy is a sort of “natural hearing aid” for humans. It aims to train your brain to naturally amplify sounds like a hearing aid would do. Kevin Clancy has put together 21 audio recordings in all for his sound spotlight therapy. The sounds are to be listened to once a day for ten minutes each.

The sounds train your ear to distinguish certain noises correctly so that it can send the right signals to your brain, all without you having to do anything but press play and listen along. There’s also no need to listen to all 21 tracks at once. Break things up and click on “Continue” to get right back to where you left off.

Full Volume Food Guide

You probably know that gut health is connected to things like brain health and muscle health, but did you know your gut was also connected to your hearing? There are enzymes in food that can contribute to a few different aspects of hearing, and you’ll learn all about them in the Full Volume Food Guide of the True Hearing System.

Money-Back Guarantee

The system may be helpful for people who have hearing problems, but do keep in mind individual results may vary. If you have any problems though, just contact Kevin Clancy to arrange for a full refund through the money back guarantee.

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