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Trend Mystery monitors the market for you and detects the right time to buy and sell, created by Karl Dittmann.

Trend Mystery Review

The Forex market has become one of the most popular forms of trading today. Unlike the stock market, which requires a huge investment of time and money to make significant profit, forex moves quickly and is accessible to anyone. There’s also a lot of help out there when it comes to forex. Many people employ trading robots to monitor the market and make trades for them. The Trend Mystery system from Karl Dittmann is one of the best around.

What is Trend Mystery?

At its core, Trend Mystery is a trading robot that works on the forex market. This basically means that it monitors the market for you and detects the right time to buy and sell. It isn’t able to actually make trades for you though, only alert you to them. That means you don’t need to worry about losing money by having the robot spend everything. You’re still in control of how much you choose to invest – or not invest – in a trade. Karl Dittmann has years of experience as a trader, and he took that knowledge and built it into his trading system. It’s like having an expert trader by your side guiding you through the process.

How Does Trend Mystery Work?

Trend Mystery works by consistently scanning the market for trends to determine which currency is offering the strongest signal at that time. Once it establishes a treat as being likely profitable, it alerts users through email, text message, and other notifications. What you do from there is up to you. It is programmed with the latest and greatest trading techniques which is how it is so effective. It also has a range of safety features to minimise the potential for loss. It won’t waste your time with trades that aren’t worth your money.

What Do You Get with Trend Mystery?

  • The Trend Mystery Indicator Software – The main thing you get is the software itself. You receive a full copy that you will own for life. There’s no need to worry about paying subscriptions or fees. Karl gives you everything you need to get started.
  • Detailed User Guide – Not everyone is good with technology. This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have access to it. Karl has created a detailed user guide of his system that is so simple anyone can understand it. Even if you don’t have much technical experience, you should have no problem installing and using the tool to start making profitable trades.
  • Full Support – Karl takes supporting you very seriously. No one wants to be stuck with no idea what to do next. If you ever need help with the system, or even have questions about forex and trading itself, there is a dedicated support staff on hand. Just send Karl an email to get the answers you need.
  • Free Lifetime Updates – The market is always changing. Automated traders must also change with it. Karl constantly updates the Trend Mystery system. Better yet, these updates are handed out free of charge. You’ll always have the latest and greatest version of the software, no matter when you make your purchase.


The Trend Mystery System from Karl Dittman is a powerful trading robot that watches the market for you and alerts you to good trades. Let the robot work its magic or, if you have some experience, set up your own custom rules. Either way, this system makes trading a much smoother and more enjoyable experience.

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