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Total Money Magnetism recreates the exact same neurological structure, drive, and power of a true millionaire, with neuroscience of success backed by over 30 years of clinical research and tests.

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When you see a stupendously rich person on TV or internet do you ever wonder what qualities that person possesses compared to you, from celebrities to entrepreneurs?

What psychological and emotional makeup, what environment, what education gets someone to that stage of completely winning at life in every way imaginable?

What does it take to have a mind of a millionaire, can such qualities be replicated?

The same question crossed the mind of Dr. Steve G Jones, a world renowned clinical hypnotherapist, with clients from Hollywood elites to NYT bestsellers. Forbes Magazine calls him one of the world’s top hypnotherapists, who charges up to $25,000 for two hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers. With frequent appearances on CNN, NBC, CBS…

Total Money Magnetism - Steve Jones

Dr. Jones also appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker (as a millionaire of course) three times.

But it was not always so, before his huge success and multi-millionaire status he had a rather adversary relationship with money; at one point he owed $80,000 and was on the verge of becoming homeless.

In a fortunate circumstance all of that changed when one of his friends gave him a book, it contained a simple quote from one of the greatest minds in history and it fundamentally changed his outlook on life – “Logic will get you from A to B, but intuition will take you everywhere.”

Or in other words, money doesn’t come from what you do, it comes from within. He decided to follow this insight to the root, delving into hardcore neuroscience and psychology books and articles.

Dr. Jones concluded that millionaires don’t do anything different from normal people. In fact, the only thing that sets them apart from ordinary people is their mind.

If you feel financially inadequate it’s not because you haven’t worked or saved hard enough, there is something much deeper going on here.

A human mind is a belief seeking machine which then puts those beliefs to work, to ensure your survival.

The problem occurs when your most powerful beliefs are set solid into your unconscious mind before you were even old enough to think for yourself. The mind then uses that information to create rules that bind your thoughts, actions, and ultimately – your results.

Consequently, if you grew up in an environment where money was a source of stress, or where you heard from your parents, teachers or peers phrases like:

“that’s not for people like us”

“filthy rich”

“we just can’t afford it”

Your unconscious mind was listening very carefully, shaping neural connections in your brain, establishing a foundation of beliefs that inform your actions. This is how the culture of poverty is created and maintained, with the hefty help of incompetent governments through the welfare system.

Therefore, in a very early age you either “get” the brain of a millionaire, or the brain of someone destined to struggle. A thought that was implanted in your brain when you were 3 years old, this thought is behind every aspect of financial anxiety and lack of success you have ever experienced.

Fortunately, thanks to an incredible breakthrough from top neuroscientists in the world, Dr. Jones had stumbled on a new process to effortlessly and almost instantly rebuild your brain into the brain of a millionaire, giving you the thoughts, actions, ambitions and wealth of a millionaire.

This new scientific breakthrough enables you to almost surgically remove those thought patterns from your mind, instantly deleting this barrier to wealth, and hardwiring the skills, abilities, focus, and drive of the greatest millionaires in the world into your brain.

But the unconscious mind is just the part of the solution, the other part is the brain itself.

The real formula to success is – brain creates thoughts create actions create results.

So, is it possible to create a type of millionaire brain in ordinary people?

Neurogenesis, creation of new brain cells, will facilitate this, which to some extent happens naturally already.

However, there has never been a way to control and direct its power until now.

The solution to achieve this is Total Money Magnetism, the neuroscience of success. To recreate the exact same neurological structure, drive, and power of a true millionaire. It is backed by over 30 years of clinical research and tests.

It immediately stimulates controlled neurogenesis inside your brain. A state known as “wealth hyper creation” is triggered specifically in the areas of the brain responsible for wealth and success. It also improves your neural pathways, energy, memory, alertness, retention, and focus.

In order to achieve financial freedom you need to change yourself, and with Total Money Magnetism package you will receive all the guides and tools to ensure that happens.

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