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Thought Elevators is a 4-step system to mold your brain to attract success, achieve happiness and wealth, based on the “elastic brain” study.

Thought Elevators System Review

There is a lot of good to be said about systems that enable you to change the way you think, so you can effortlessly prime yourself to attract success; improve your relationships and work and health habits, but they all have one critical flaw – a flaw that hijacks your success and puts an insurmountable barrier between your desire and success.

Most systems might attract your desires but they don’t reprogram your brain to automatically take action and pursue them. There is no point in telling universe you are ready for success if your subconscious mind is stopping you from claiming what the universe “sends” you.

Today, based on a lot of neuroscience research we know that if you had a positive childhood your brain gets programmed to attract success, and if you had a difficult childhood your brain gets programmed to attract failure. It is possible now to analyze someone’s brain and with fair certainty predict whether they will be successful in life. It is also possible to mold the brain like clay.

Eric Taller, author of the Thought Elevators System and the owner of a business consulting firm, had been unhappy with his life for a long time, but through a mixture of a fluke, study and perseverance he is now able to train people to reprogram their brains in order to transform their lives, to achieve happiness and wealth.

He devised a 4-step system, Thought Elevators to make this happen, which is based on a neuroscience study from Stanford University, “The Elastic Brain”, on the brainwave patterns of meditating Tibetan monks.

Thought Elevators - Monks

The Tibetan monks in the study were able to physically change their brains; they grew their pre-frontal cortexes where the brain feels happiness, and they achieved this through something called “Brain Elevation”, by entering a “Theta State”.

After talking to a neuroscience professor, Dr. Linn, Eric discovered that you can enter the theta state when your brainwave frequency is between 4 and 7 hertz – the frequency of dreams, deep meditation and hypnosis. When in this state your brain is ready to be reshaped.

Now, the only question remained was how to enter the theta state with consistency and ease, something that every person can do.

Living in East Asia it was easy for Eric to learn from Taoist, Shinto, Chondogyo, Falun Gong and Confucian teachers, each philosophy had its own methods on how to enter the theta state, but no one could do so consistently.

Then, Eric met a meditation expert, Art Mantri, who had been a monk who instead of using meditation to manifest happiness decided to use it to manifest success. After teaching him his meditation techniques, Eric was able to enter the theta state for the first time.

It truly brought him content beyond measure; only a fraction of this experience was enough to feel inspired for the rest of the day. Eric figured out how to think outside the box and solve his lingering financial troubles.

Thought Elevators - Theta State

Since then, it took Eric over a year to figure out a 4-step, 3-minute system to enter the theta state and reprogram your brain to attract success. Here are the raw outlines of this Thought Elevators System:

  1. Clean slate mind – You have to put stress and worry out of your mind with the help of a pen, a piece of paper, and an empty drawer. You start by writing down everything you’ve been stressed about and then you make one simple move that tricks your mind into forgetting all about your worries.
  2. Priming the positivity pump – this step fills your mind with positive thoughts.
  3. Daytime dreaming visualization techniques – discovered in a small monastery in East Asia.
  4. Elevator to the theta state – culmination of all the preparation made in the previous three steps. Taught by Art Mantri, this technique enables you to ease your mind and go deeper and deeper to reshape it.

However, as meditation takes a lot of time, Eric eventually commissioned a sound engineer to create a sound to match the frequency of the theta state accompanied with empowering statements, and putting it all together in 3-minute videos.

Listening to such 3-minute videos is enough to prep your mind, what previously took hours of meditation, now requires only a couple of minutes of just playing the videos with Thought Elevators; triggering your mind to automatically reshape itself to positive success-related thought patterns and elevating your brain to new heights of productivity and creativity.

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