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The Wealth Magnet looks at all the aspects of creating wealth, going into details about things that other books like this fail to do.

The Wealth Magnet Review

Almost everyone is looking for some way to draw money to themselves. We all want to be financially secure and know that we never need to worry about money again. It feels like some people have more success than others when it comes to making money; that the wealthy stay wealthy and the poor stay poor. The Wealth Magnet by Michael McNally can help tip the scales in your favor and start generating wealth.

What is the Wealth Magnet?

The Wealth Magnet system is a method that millionaires and billionaires around the world are using to get rich and stay rich. The method can work for everyone no matter their age or current financial status. It shows the ways to draw wealth to yourself using principles such as the law of attraction. The Wealth Magnet is an innovative method for attracting the things you want in life, and that includes wealth and freedom.

How Does the Wealth Magnet System Work?

The Wealth Magnet System offers a step-by-step guide to opening the door to wealth. After learning the secrets behind the law of attraction, you’ll have the power to draw things to you and achieve your goals. The program delves into more information than other programs out there, and has specific solutions for just about any potential financial problem. The program is the missing piece of the puzzle to achieving a good life.

Essentially the changes build like a butterfly effect. What starts out as something small quickly snowballs and becomes much larger. This is why Michael McNally also calls it the Abundance Butterfly Effect. Make small changes that have small impacts and eventually become greater than the sum of their parts.

What do you Learn with the Wealth Magnet System?

There are many things to be learned from the Wealth Magnet System. One thing you will learn about is the Poverty Trance Nullifiers. These are used to free yourself from the ideas that society has put on you, such as the idea that only those who are already rich can get rich.

The Wealth Magnet System looks at all the aspects of creating wealth. It goes into details about things that other books like this fail to do. Learn about the Abundance Synchronicity and Limitless Potential Leveraging to draw positivity to you and unleash the hidden potential of your brain. Learn more about the Law of Attraction with the Perpetual Prosperity Propellers as well.

The system comes packed with audio guides as well, including an audio course of hypnosis sessions for attracting wealth, an audio cause on transforming habits, and an audio course on mind over money. Stop worrying so much about money and you have a better chance of getting it.


Michael McNally’s The Wealth Magnet System is packed full of scientifically backed information to provide you with the power of the law of attraction and draw wealth – and more – to your life. There are many guides about the law of attraction out there, and many people are already using it, but none of them delve into things such as the Abundance Butterfly Effect and other things that make this one unique. So try it for yourself and see what your brain can really do.

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