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The Tao Of Badass ensures your consistent success with women you will need to learn the full set of sexual triggers that almost no one knows about.

The Tao Of Badass Review

What if you could reverse the male-female equation, what if you could be the object of women’s desires and it is they who come chasing after you instead of the other, more traditional, way around?

What if you could get laid without cheesy, memorized pickup lines and without spending a dime on dinners and drinks?

This technique, based soundly on the advances in evolutionary psychology, has been successfully used by over 110,000 regular guys, but don’t worry, it is designed in such a way that no one will notice you using it on anybody.

The Tao of Badass book allows you to create a compelling sexual intrigue with a girl before she even tells her your name, and the best part is that you don’t even need to be that attractive.

Josh Pellicer was quite a submissive guy, already accustomed to the ways of female privilege by allowing his cold girlfriend to abuse him and exploit him, just so that she would give him the privilege of pleasing her.

One day he had enough and decided that he would stop demeaning himself, and that he would be the one the girls would want to please to the same extent as most men do with girls.

He discovered a concept called “Propinquity”, which he immediately tried in a restaurant, only having mild success. After each day he tried a new technique and after one year later, 5 psychology books, 12 dating advice books, 2 etiquette books later, and over 400 hours’ worth of videos on subliminal messaging, building rapport, seduction, attraction, body language, personality typing…he began to see the patterns.

From then on Josh switched into an attraction switchboard; attracting and seducing beautiful women became almost a second nature to him.

These are just some of the techniques and patterns that work all the time on any type of women:

  1. Girl’s mouth – if you look at her mouth while she is talking to you it will subconsciously make her think about sleeping with you. This is otherwise known as “sexual trigger” that passes through women’s barriers without her even knowing about it. These triggers bypass her logical brain and plug in directly to her emotional brain.
  2. Over 90% of guys turn women off before they even open their mouths by facing them directly with their bodies. Turning your chest toward a girl too early is a subconscious sign of neediness and it completely ruins sexual attraction.
  3. By saying just one sentence you can make any woman compete for your attention. It’s a psychological trick called “Consistency”. It’s a biological shortcut that skips over all her red flags and plugs you directly into her affection center

However, these techniques are only good enough to get your foot in the door, if you want the 9s and the 10s you will have to up your game.

But first you need to know what you have been lied to about what women want:

  • Money – how many guys with modest means have you seen with really hot women? If you think past the confirmation bias you will realize that you have seen them more often than with rich guys.
  • Big muscles – most are even repulsed by over-muscled guys
  • Full set of hair – in 2007, a survey revealed that 97% of women actually find bald many sexy and authoritative
  • Good looks – remember that interview where Brad Pitt admitted he could not get a date before making it big in Hollywood?

How The Tao Of Badass Works

What really matters when it comes to women is something called “pre-selection”, in other words, making her think that other women already want you. This is based on evolutionary psychology and the so-called filter mechanism that women have; it basically means that it’s her biological job to filter out weak and undesired men.

Similarly, men have an approach mechanism, but these two things don’t match up in today’s society. If you approach her, like most guys, she will just filter you out.

The same rules apply to other animals, like goldfish for example – When most female fish look for a mate, they search for a male who is colored the brightest as this is a sign of health, which in turn means superior genes for the offspring.

However, when two males are close to the same level of brightness, the females all mate with the one male that the other females are mating with!

Of course, this opens up a key question to be resolved – How do women know that other women are attracted to you just by looking at you?

They don’t. They are only guessing, but due to this mechanism being hardwired they are pretty good at it.

And this is where your advantage comes in, you have to learn the exact techniques to make women think that other women are breathing down your neck. You have to mimic your desirability to other women.

In short, money, good looks, muscles, hair are all societal constructs of the moment. Women, like every other creature, are biological, and thus they are attracted to the most powerful biological mechanism that ensures the survival of the species – pre-selection!

If you want to ensure your consistent success with women you will need to learn the full set of sexual triggers contained in The Tao of Badass that almost no one knows about. They each have a specific purpose; some are designed to keep her sexual interest, some are designed to make her sexually addicted to you, and some will make you so confident around hot women that they will be competing with each other for your attention.

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