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The Lost Ways 2 focuses on how our ancestors lived and worked without modern conveniences such as electricity, created by Claude Davis.

The Lost Ways 2 Review

There is an ever-growing demand for survival guides. More and more people are deciding to begin prepping for when things hit the fan, and each day it feels like things are getting closer to the fan. If you’re not sure about which guide is best for you, then consider The Lost Ways 2 by Claude Davis.

What is the Lost Ways 2?

The Lost Ways 2 is the sequel to Claude’s guide The Lost Ways. Much like the original guide, it focuses on how our ancestors lived and worked without modern conveniences such as electricity. They passed on their ways to their children, who passed it on to their children, but somehow they got lost along the way. The Lost Ways 2 shows you how you can ensure the survival of yourself, your family, and your whole community no matter what hits. These days we’re all too dependent on technology such as cars and electricity. Our ancestors didn’t have them, but they still survived. The Lost Ways 2 looks at how they did this, and what we can learn from them.

What You Can Learn From The Lost Ways 2

The Lost Ways 2 teaches you how to take care of not just your own family, but several. You’ll be there to help all of your loved ones and ensure everyone gets through the crisis. This includes learning how to hunt and take care of yourself during the winter months. Hunting and gathering has been something humans have always been good at, even if we’ve forgotten how in modern times.

You’ll learn the secrets of preserving water like sailors did during the 17th century. They would need to preserve their water for months on end. You can use this for yourself to keep your own water clean. You never know when you’ll find clean water again in a crisis so you need to make all the water you can find last.

The Lost Ways 2 has a lot of information about putting together your own herbal remedies and treatments for injuries. Being able to take care of the sick and wounded is vital in any situation, especially a survival one. You can stock up on medicines, but it’s even better to know how to make your own.

Of course, being able to feed yourself and your family is important. Claude has plenty of information on how to make great meals using basic ingredients. There’s one recipe in particular for a food eaten by the Native Americans and the western explorers. Much of the food discussed in the guide lasts for a long time too. That powdered food and those cans you’ve stocked away will run out eventually. You need viable sources of food.

The Lost Ways 2 is a brilliant update to the original Lost Ways. There’s so much more information than in the original, and it’s all useful. If you’re looking for the ultimate survival guide then you should keep The Lost Ways 2 in mind, even if you already have The Lost Ways.

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