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The Lost Superfoods is a food survival guide that shares the knowledge that the present world has long forgotten.

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The Lost Superfoods Review

Vitamin-rich, nutrient-rich, and very filling, superfoods are everything you need in times of crisis.

Throughout history, there have been many instances of entire villages and nations forced to come up with innovative ways to eat during times of crisis. Whether avalanches, war, depressions, famine, or crossing the expansive seas, humans have undergone their fair share of hardships.

But back in a day where there were no relief aids, dehydrators, food banks, fridges, or government assistance programs how did people survive in times of need? How were families able to survive long winters? How did Vikings stay healthy during their long voyages? How did the people of the past stay fed with little money and no present-day conveniences?

All the answers, and all the recipes, lie within Art Rude’s book “The Lost Superfoods”.

What Is The Lost Superfoods about?

Assembled with knowledge, recipes, and a sprinkling of history and how-to’s, The Lost Superfoods is a book that should be on everyone’s shelf.
Art Rude will teach you how to create a useful doomsday stockpile or reserve that will keep you and your family healthy and fed for little money and expenditure.

How Will The Lost Superfoods help me?

Complete with detailed steps, colored pictures, facts, and important information, this food survival guide will share the knowledge that the present world has long forgotten. Recipes and stories gathered from all over the world fill the pages with nutritious food that will provide needed vitamins, fats, carbs, and nutrients for a healthy body. Food that will also survive with you in times where there is little to no refrigeration and that will last months or even years.

With Art Rude’s “The Lost Superfoods”, you will be more prepared for the next hurricane, blackout, or even the collapse of society.

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