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The Lost Pioneer Society is updated constantly with all the latest information from Claude Davis, overcoming any survival challenge.

The Lost Pioneer Society Review

There’s plenty of demand out there for survival guides and information on what to do in a crisis situation. As helpful as these guides are, there’s one thing wrong with every single one of them; they don’t get updated. The threats we face – and how to overcome them – are changing all the time. A survival guide can only teach you so much. In order to stay truly prepared for anything that may happen you need more than just a guide, you need something like the Lost Pioneer Society.

What is the Lost Pioneer Society?

The Lost Pioneer Society is an online service from Claude Davis, the creator of The Lost Ways. It collects together all of the information from Claude’s own survival guides with information from other survivalists and people within the community. Unlike a book or guide, it is updated constantly with all the latest and greatest information. You’ll learn how to overcome any challenge and make it through any situation.

What do you Learn with The Lost Pioneer Society?

There’s a lot to learn with the Lost Pioneer Society, including:

  • Why you should building your own underground house – which has enough space to house four families – and why it’s easier than you might think. You’ll learn how the Native Americans did it in a simple and effective way. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you have a lot of protection against modern threats such as EMP attacks and nuclear bombs.
  • The top three nutritionally dense superfoods which can last for years without the need for refrigeration, and the main mistake people make when they cook them. This will give you a new lease on stockpiling and ensure you never cook food the wrong way again.
  • Why you don’t actually need a lot of space to grow your own food. You don’t even need to grow food outside if you don’t want to. It doesn’t matter how much free space you’ve got, you’ll have room to grow your own healthy and nutritious vegetables to keep your family well fed, happy, and healthy.
  • The most common misconceptions people have about homesteading and the best methods for weatherproofing your home for sustainable living. It doesn’t matter how bad the weather gets – whether it rains for weeks or snows for months, or if there’s a heatwave – your crops will grow and flourish.
  • The best methods for collecting and preserving water safely and effectively, and how you can prepare for a drought or other environmental crisis that will limit the availability of water.
  • How to take your home and turn it into an impenetrable fortress that keeps people out when things hit the fan
  • Effective hand to hand combat skills that are quick and easy to learn. Learn how to make it through any combat situation no matter how big your attacker is.
  • How to effectively train yourself to improve shooting accuracy for when you need every shot to count


All of the great things you learn from The Lost Pioneer Society would make it worth the price tag alone, but what makes it really stand out is that it’s always being updated. You get free access to all the updates too. It’s not like a book which can be out of date in a year or two. It’s a complete service that is always up-to-date with the latest and greatest survival information and techniques.

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