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The Language Of Desire gains you new confidence and transforms stale sex into something you only imagined could come from a best-selling erotic novel.

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There is a reason most people perform the act of love in the absence of words. Such delicate time changes the state of what is appropriate, to the point where one doesn’t want to “break the spell”, as to ruin the whole experience.

But what if your partner doesn’t see it that way, what if he views words during sex as an extension and enhancement of love making, which can only spice up the experience?

Are you terrified of finding yourself in such a position, of not having anything sexy to say at best, or at worst, blurting out something awkward and embarrassing that not only ruins the moment but puts a downer on your lovemaking in the future?

This is only a fraction of what is needed in the bedroom to keep things going smoothly and, for men, this requirement is actually more of a rule than exception, which is one of the main reasons why men regularly use porn as a raunchy, fantasy outlet.

With the Language Of Desire program you can prepare yourself, gain new confidence and transform stale sex into something you only imagined could come from a best-selling erotic novel, discover:

  1. The sexual psychology of men
  2. How to manipulate his desires
  3. How to inspire reciprocation

Through study of the most popular porn, interviews with college professors about evolutionary psychology, sessions with sex therapists, reading smut novels which got high rankings from men, and even interviewing phone sex experts who played fantasy girls for thousands of men, Felicity Keith, the author of Language Of Desire book, learned all there is to know to conquer men’s desires and their deepest fantasies.

All of that valuable knowledge Felicity poured into the Language Of Desire, containing 33 powerful techniques, some of which are:

  • The Lust Mirror – a trick of a phrase that forces a man to get out of his head and back into the moment
  • The Pavlov’s Erection Technique – take no chance for failure with this technique to condition him to be unwittingly aroused at your covert behest
  • Porn Destroyer – take away his need to ever watch porn again to your mutual satisfaction
  • Erotic Telepathy – learn how to get past his defenses to discover fantasies he is not even aware of
  • The Tease Intensifier – the next level of foreplay that sets a new tone for unbridled love making
  • Desire Seed – how to let him know your fantasies clearly and actionably
  • Verbal Viagra – invigorate him with sudden burst of passion
  • The Boiled Frog – for shy beginners who want to ramp it up slowly
  • The Madonna Moan – an exercise that allows you to completely surrender to the moment

That and much more in two detailed guides and 90 minutes of audio that demonstrates the precise tonality and power of the feminine voice.

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