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The Incredible Bulk is designed to alter your body chemistry and make your body better at burning through fat and turning it to muscle, creating cyclical bulking.

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The Incredible Bulk Review

Bulking is the process of eating a lot of food and countering it with a lot of strength exercises. The nutrients of the food, especially the protein, goes straight to your muscles.

The problem with bulking is that if you mess it up what happens is that you just gain a lot of fat, rather than a lot of muscle. It’s also very, very easy to mess up. Even if you follow a bulking program perfectly you can do it wrong because perfect bulking programs are so rare.

Regular bulking programs can end up destroying the hormones you need to bulk rather than encouraging them. Rather than having bad genetics that cause you to always gain fat, people have what is called bad gene expression. That’s where The Incredible Bulk comes in.

The Incredible Bulk understands the way the body works. It’s designed to alter your body chemistry and make your body better at burning through fat and turning it to muscle. It’s all about eating the right thing at the right time to get the right effect.

Realistically body growth doesn’t just happen and continue. It comes in spurts. Like it does when a child is growing up. That’s the way building muscle works too. The body gains a lot of muscle, and then not so much. You get a great initial gain but then no continuity.

The Incredible Bulk system takes advantage of this and creates cyclical bulking. You aim to eat well during these cycles and gain a ton of muscle, then take the right steps when out of a cycle to retain it until the next one.

By taking advantage of the cycles like that you can make serious progress with your bulking and pack on a ton of muscle in a shorter amount of time. The program takes you through all the steps and even comes with a mobile app for you to keep track and get alerts.

It works in two phases; the reset phase and the growth phase. During the reset phase you prepare your metabolism to grow. It increases the efficiency of your metabolism, and even your growth hormone. Then comes the actual bulking phase.

The bulking phase is, as you’d expect, a whole lot of strength training to boost your muscles. Most people just do the bulking phase all day every day. It messes with their body chemistry and produces no results after a time.

With the incredible bulk method you might even notice a difference from day one. What’s real important is that the difference will still be there after day 100. It’s a program for long term bulking that really works.

Of course bulking is still going to be hard work. The program just tells you what to do and how to do it. But everything that’s worth doing takes hard work. Just be realistic about your goals and willing to work for them and you’ll do great.

So get your copy of the incredible bulk guide, diet book, workout plan, and app today. Build a better you with strength and determination, and a little help from your friend the incredible bulk.

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