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The Faith Diet contains Bible based advice on recipes you can follow to lose weight and boost your metabolism, created by Father Simon White.

The Faith Diet Review

Every day millions of people try to lose weight, and every day millions of people struggle with it. For some, it feels like they are just not destined for success. The truth is that anyone can lose weight with the right diet program. The question becomes where to find the right diet. It may show up in an unlikely place, including the Bible, as the Faith Diet by Father Simon White shows.

What is the Faith Diet?

Father Simon White is a man of God who was always tried to live in accordance with the gospel and help others do the same. As a fitness advocate, he’s also tried to help people lose weight. The Faith Diet is essentially a combination of these two things: a faith-based diet that can help anyone lose weight no matter their physical condition, or indeed their belief. There are no lectures about losing weight, no need to starve yourself or go through an extensive workout, just Bible based advice on ingredients and recipes you can follow to lose weight and boost your metabolism. To put it simply; the Faith Diet Plan is a natural way to trigger the fat burning processes of your body to lose weight.

What do you Learn with the Faith Diet?

With the Faith Diet, you’ll learn mentioned in the Bible that are useful for eradicating the free radicals that are causing your body to hold onto harmful toxins and fat. By mixing these ingredients into your food your cells will begin to heal themselves, fight the ageing process, and it eliminates stored fat and toxins to help you lose weight. The best part is that all of these foods are incredibly healthy, so don’t worry as much about how much of you’re eating. Eliminating toxins and free radicals also eliminates body weight and fat, helping you to look thinner and feel better. These all natural ingredients are low in calories and rich in vitamins and are incredibly healthy for you.

Anyone can follow the Faith Diet to lose weight. This biblical blueprint couldn’t be easier to follow as Simon White gives you a detailed list of all the ingredients from the Bible that you should add to your diet to lose weight and look and feel much younger. The enzymes in the ingredients awaken the healthy cells around your body and shed pockets of unwanted fat around the thighs and stomach. As well as listing the ingredients themselves, the Faith Diet comes with a range of delicious recipes so everything really is done for you. The only thing you have to do is make – and eat – the recipes.


Everyone knows that the Bible is full of useful information. There are stories, parables, morals, and lessons all across the Bible. Now it turns out that some of those lessons are about what to eat in order to stay healthy. Simon White compiled all of this information in the Faith Diet to help everyone, no matter their faith or belief, lose weight.

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