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The Eastern Keys details an ancient secret that attracts happiness, health, and success to you, originally used by former masters of the Twin Dragon Temple.

The Eastern Keys Review

Different people have their own definitions of success. For some people, success is being a millionaire, while others would count having a loving family as being a success, even if they weren’t wealthy. There is one thing that everyone can agree upon when it comes to success though; the pursuit of happiness is harder than it seems. Many have even given up. So how do you find success in the modern western world? The answer could lie in the ancient east, as detailed in The Eastern Keys to Western Success by Mike O’Neal.

What is The Eastern Keys?

The Eastern Keys is a program from Mike O’Neal that details an ancient oriental secret that has been used by people in the east for over 2000 years. Mike was inspired by the personal program of Bruce Lee, modifying the idea to make it suitable for everyone, and not just martial arts experts. The guide goes into detail on attracting happiness, health, success and other positive things to you. The Eastern Keys effectively unlock the door to success.

The Nine Eastern Keys

Mike details a total of nine of these Eastern Keys to Western success he found in the Twin Dragon Temple. Each one contributes to your overall success and happiness in their own way. Here’s a closer look at these nine keys:

  1. The Pail Method – The program starts by detailing how to remove negativity from your life. This Pail Method helps you to remove negative thoughts and influences from your life. The only way to really achieve something is to become more positive, which begins with removing the negative.
  2. The Law of Requisite – Have you ever had one of those days when you want someone to stop the world so that you could get off? That you wish things would just stop for a moment so you could move slower? These feelings are stopping you from moving forward, and they must be stopped. The Law of Requisite can help you do just that.
  3. The Law of Alignmen – There are times when it feels that you aren’t getting any closer to your goals no matter how hard you work. That you never make any progress. The Law of Alignment helps you to align yourself with your goals and move towards success.
  4. The Power of Questions – Do you know the saying “Ask and you shall receive”? That shows you the power of the question. It’s not like you can get a flashy sports car just by asking for one, but you can get an answer to a question you ask. If you ask yourself why something is happening, you may tell yourself it’s because you deserve it. But if you ask yourself how you can reach your goals, then you’ll likely have your answer.
  5. The Law of Identity – Everyone has their own unique identity, but not all of us ever find ours. Learning and understanding your own identity is the key to reaching your potential. Stop lying to yourself and discover – and accept – who you really are by mastering this key.
  6. The Law of Visualization – The Law of Visualization is one of the keys to getting what you want. This key shows you how to improve your visualization skills and turn your visions into a reality. Visualization is a powerful technique, but only when applied properly.
  7. The Advanced Affirmation – Affirmations have already entered the western world, but something was lost in translation and no one takes them very seriously, or indeed understands them. Mike shows you the true power that words have, and how you can use your own words to shape yourself.
  8. The Law of Gratitude – It’s important to be grateful for what you have, but unfortunately not many people understand gratitude. There are plenty of benefits to showing appreciation, love, and gratitude, and Mike shows you how to get started.
  9. The Law of Reciprocation – This is one of the most important keys to getting the mental and spiritual benefits of the program, as well as creating happiness, fulfillment, and opportunities for yourself. This key brings it all together and helps you achieve success.

Unlock Western Success with the Eastern Keys

Could the answer to western success lie in the east? Mike O’Neal certainly thinks so, which is why he put together the Eastern Keys program. If you have trouble following the keys, or they don’t bring you success, then feel free to claim your 60-day money back guarantee.

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