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The Bonding Code details the five stages to emotional intimacy for a man, helping you form proper bonds with the men in your life as well as keep them on track.

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It’s a story every woman knows all too well. One day everything is great between you and your partner. You think you’ve found the man of your dreams. Then, one day, he mysteriously pulls away. He goes quiet. Worst of all you blame yourself. But you aren’t the one to blame. Bob Grant has the answers for you.

Bob Grant is a fully licensed relationship coach who knows there are five stages to a man falling in love emotionally, and the creator of the honey pot method. When a man pulls away it’s not because of you, but because they get stuck at a particular stage.

One downside of modern living is how easy it is for a man to cheat these days. Or just “hook up” with someone. Everyone knows the story of Ashley Madison by now; a website where people would go to cheat on their partners. They literally told people “life is short, have an affair”. Then you have Tinder and Mixerr and all these other “dating” apps. Not to mention the worst offender of all; Facebook. How many men get bored and start talking to their ex on Facebook?

Bob Grant knows there are three myths that men tend to believe. They really fall for them during the early stages of a relationship and are one of the main causes he pulls away. The first is this belief that he has to be attracted to you all the time. But this is false because the spark has to die down a little so you can form true intimacy.

The second myth is that if you give them what they want, then they will love you. There’s a difference between what a man says he wants, and what he really needs. He pulls away because he doesn’t know what he needs and, unfortunately, he’ll blame you for that.

The third is that he believes it’s you who has done something wrong. There’s not much worse than being told you’ve done something wrong either. So it’s doubly damaging for the both of you. The fact is it was nothing you did and you shouldn’t feel bad.

The truth is that, at this critical stage, what he needs are emotions. Your emotions. But he can’t put that into words and he doesn’t understand that he needs them. Deep down every man knows that sex without emotions is meaningless. If you give him sex, but don’t give him emotions, then he’ll come to believe it’s meaningless. He pulls away because he isn’t getting what he needs.

Men tend to freeze up when they overreact and they need someone to pull them aside and let them know what they’ve done. It’s the cause of the silent treatment. Men don’t want to be that way it’s just the way they are sometimes. So if a man is freezing up what he needs to hear is your emotions. He needs them to pull him out of the state he’s entered.

With all of this in mind, and his knowledge of relationships, Bob Grant put together the Bonding Code. The Bonding Code details the five stages to emotional intimacy for a man and guides you through them, based on the honey pot method. It helps you form proper bonds with the men in your life as well as how to keep them on track. What to look out for to know when they need you. It’s a great way to understand a new man in your life, and improve the relationship you have with your current man.

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