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The Ayurveda Experience recognizes the things around you, improving your personality and physical health, taking care of yourself and your family.

The Ayurveda Experience Review

We live in some pretty trying times. Lots of people are on pills for perfectly natural problems and everyone is looking for something. Our bodies always seem to be lacking something they shouldn’t, such as vitamins and proteins. It seems everyone has a problem and there aren’t many answers.

The Ayurveda Experience hopes to change that. With the help of the experience you should:

  • Improve your personality and physical health
  • Become better with your money and better able to let it take care of you
  • Learn about some sleep disorders and how to avoid them
  • Deal with depression and other mental issues completely naturally
  • Take better care of yourself and your family

The Ayurveda Experience, created by Lissa Coffey, a lifestyle and wellness expert, teaches you to recognize and understand the things around you. It is split into seven modules, each with three levels of difficulty. The first module is an introduction to Doshas, Prakruti, Vikruti and all the other concepts of the Experience.

The second module is an understanding of the Ayurveda Experience as it relates to time. It’s knowing the different phases and periods of the day, the year, and even your life. By understanding all this you come to understand the right time to do things.

The third module is all about diet. It’s the foods you should and shouldn’t eat. Two people on the same diet will get different results. This module teaches you how to make and follow a diet that works for you.

The fourth module is all about how to take care of your body through exercise and body work. Knowing when and how to exercise is pretty important. So this is a full guide to when to exercise and what you need to do when you take care of your body.

The fifth and sixth module are related. The fifth is about meditation. Meditation is important for taking stock of where everything is and understanding yourself and the world around you. This works into the sixth module, which is about energy and breathing techniques. These two are all about the mental aspects of the Ayurveda Experience.

Finally the seventh module is everything else related to how to take care of yourself. Lissa Coffey teaches you what is happening in your body and what causes problems such as weight gain. It’s not all down to diet. It’s a full and comprehensive guide to self-care.

When you join the Ayurveda Experience you also get access to some free gifts. The first gift is a recipe book featuring many recipes that are good for people following the Ayurveda way of life.

The second gift is a guide to the exercises and body work you’ll be doing. It’s a video guide that includes as well the secrets to a massage technique that can save you money with spas.

Lastly you get access to a guide to the different herbs to spice up your meals, and mantras for all occasions to help you get what you want. Mantras are basically affirmations that self-help books get you to repeat to yourself.

As everyone is different and some people may not get everything they want out of the Ayurveda Experience you are welcome to claim a full refund within sixty days of purchase.

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