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Text The Romance Back contains easy step-by-step instructions, templates and examples on how to ignite and release the romantic in your man.

Text The Romance Back 2.0 Review

Romance means a very different thing to men than it does to women. For women it means connection, communication, slow, sensual lovemaking by the fireplace.

But to men, romance is a game, and if you play it wrong you both lose. In short, men are hardwired to pursue women, win their affection and claim them as their own.

This means that every man has dormant romantic spirit that only needs to be awakened, if you have the knowledge to flip the switch and give him the permission to let it loose.

Michael Fiore, a renowned relationship expert featured on Rachel Ray show, radio, and interviewed by Time magazine, will let you in on the secret of flipping on his romantic switch, which can be done in a 3-step process:

First, he needs you to tease him. Remind him that you are a valuable prize worth pursuing.

Second, he needs your permission to be unapologetically masculine, without fear of being judged, and to feel desired as a man.

Third, he needs you to make him feel safe and discreet, so he can be romantic without it being a big deal and making unrealistic expectations.

Texting, or to be more precise – sexting, is the perfect medium to create a private, safe fantasy world in which he can open himself up to you.

Text the Romance Back 2.0 contains easy step-by-step instructions, templates and examples on how to ignite and release the romantic in your man. No matter how busy or distracted he may seem.

Each text is segmented into its appropriate situational function, and named in such a ways as to be easy to recall, such as:

  • Curiosity magnet
  • Appreciation
  • Sensual Compliment

To gain the necessary skills in order to fully utilize texting, Michael has prepared the following techniques:

  • Text Massage, a simple and powerful technique that will make you feel as he were there.
  • Distance Destroyer, speaking of distance, if you are currently having a long-distance relationship this will ensure it doesn’t wither away like so many others do.
  • Bait Question, if you feel neglected, this technique will draw his attention to you like a theater spotlight. He will start to see you as the most interesting woman he ever had the pleasure of meeting.
  • Digital Telepathy, learn how to tease and flirt with him, even if you are in the same room.
  • Digital Foreplay, prime him with desire and passion you never felt ever since you first kissed.

Additional bonuses include:

  1. Audio version of the program
  2. I Like Myself Worksheet
  3. Crib Sheet
  4. FAQs
  5. Facebook Romance Secrets

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