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Text Chemistry program is built around male psychology, aiming at giving women the upper hand they need in their romantic relationship.

Text Chemistry Review

Lots of women would love to have an advantage on their side when texting a lover, whether past, present, or – hopefully – future. Text Chemistry by Amy North can be the advantage that you need. It outlines some simple texts that you can send a man to have an influence over him, as well as more information and advice on starting and maintaining relationships.

What is Amy North’s Text Chemistry?

Text Chemistry is a program built around giving women the upper hand they need in their romantic relationship by teaching them. The program is built around male psychology, meaning that it should work on most men as they generally have the same core psychology and psychological triggers (which is what these texts act upon).

The Text Chemistry program gives you an overview on how to use those texts in every kind of dating and relationship situation possible; such as when the guy you have your eyes on starts to pull away, if someone breaks up with you but you want them back, meeting a new guy that you want to start a relationship with, and so many more. Amy covers everything in great detail, including the texts you can send to get through each situation.

What do You Learn with Text Chemistry?

The program is entirely digital, meaning that everything is delivered to you through an online portal. Nothing will be delivered directly to your door, which can be convenient because it means you get instant access to everything. You can go through the book and watch the videos without a moment’s delay directly on your phone, tablet, or computer.

The main bulk of the program is contained within the ebook, with a series of video training lessons that go into more detail and explore different topics. These videos are nice as they offer a personal touch to the course.

Text Chemistry by Amy North comes with several other ebooks included that go into even more detail. The first one looks at how much men love the female voice. Don’t worry if you don’t love your voice much, as he sure will. Another book looks on why men may want to pull out of relationships and what you can do about it, while the last one looks at how to find a good man on dating services like Tinder.

All of this information goes together to create a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you might want to know about texting and talking to men. You’ll learn what to say and when to say it to get the desired response. It’s like having your very own Cyrano de Bergerac telling you how to win over your paramour.


This program comes highly recommended to anyone looking to get into a happy and harmonious relationship. Even if you’re already in that happy and healthy relationship, you might find Text Chemistry interesting. It could give you a way to spice the relationship up and make your man more passionate. Either way, the done-for-you nature of Amy North’s Text Chemistry makes it easy to follow along to get the most out of the lessons contained in the guide.

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