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TestMax Nutrition is the first eating system designed to optimize male hormones in men over 40, designed to stimulate the production of hormones.

TestMax Nutrition System Review

When it comes to male health and appearance there’s nothing more effective than good old fashioned testosterone. The male hormone is behind every anabolic steroid under the sun. Unfortunately after you reach a certain age it can be hard to produce it naturally. That is, unless you know how. If you’re over 40 and you’re worried about your testosterone production you should take a look at TestMax Nutrition by Clark Bartram.

TestMax Nutrition is the first eating system designed to optimize male hormones in men over 40. It’s simple enough to follow and designed to stimulate the production of hormones in men to correct the imbalance that occurs as a man ages. As well as containing foods that stimulate the production of testosterone, TestMax Nutrition also contains foods that block the production of estrogen, the female hormone. It is broken up into three different phases.

The first stage is the hormonal detox phase. This important first phase is designed to detoxify your hormone system and get rid of the chemicals and nutrients that are affecting your hormone levels in a negative way. This means getting rid of excess estrogen, cutting down on processed food, and even lifestyle changes such as reducing stress and eating better. Estrogen does so much damage to the male body because it is able to block the production of testosterone; making removing it from the male body a vital first step.

The second phase of TestMax Nutrition is to optimise and recharge male hormone levels. This is where most of the physical changes will happen and it involves eating foods that are proven to boost testosterone levels. Your body is primed and ready to create testosterone after removing all the estrogen and other factors holding it back. By the time you’re done with this phase you should already be able to see a difference in the way you look, but the program isn’t over just yet. Next comes phase three.

The third phase of TestMax Nutrition System is about living the TestMax lifestyle. This phase is about incorporating the best tasting foods into your everyday lifestyle to live a healthy life. Now that you’ve reduced and controlled estrogen levels and improved your testosterone levels your body is ready for you to start eating a more balanced diet. On top of this you learn how to customise the diet plan to match your own needs so you’re always eating the right foods for you. By the time you’re finished with the third phase your body should have all the testosterone it needs and you’ll have all the information to keep it that way.

TestMax Nutrition comes with a few free gifts to make it easier to follow the plan. The first of these gifts is a catalog of all the testosterone boosting foods. It contains a complete list of all the foods scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels. Make them a part of your daily diet to maintain your results after the 90 day plan.

The second gift is a printable kick-start recipe guide containing 10 quick recipes to get you off of junk food and back on healthy meals that take about the same amount of time to prepare. Speaking of cooking food that brings us neatly into the last free gift; a simple guide to portion sizes. No one wants to spend ages weighing and measuring ingredients. This handy guide shows you how can easily measure portion sizes using your hands.

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