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TAC25 Smart Watch tactical smart watch designed to endure any conditions, with enough capacity to keep running in an emergency situation.

TAC25 Smart Watch Review

We live in a world where everything is getting faster and so we need a little help with organization. Smart devices like smart watches can be useful, but they themselves take up a lot of time with repairs and maintenance. What if there was a smart watch that was truly smart? That could last for months on a single charge and was durable enough to take a few knocks? Introducing the TAC25 Smart Watch.

What is the TAC25 Smart Watch?

The TAC25 Smart Watch is more than just an average smart watch. It’s a tactical smart watch designed to endure any conditions. The battery has enough capacity to keep it running in an emergency situation where you are unlikely to be able to charge it any time soon. It’s the kind of smart watch someone in the military might wear, and now it’s available for the general public.

TAC25 Smart Watch Features

The TAC25 Smart Watch comes packed full with 25 great features, including;

  • Dust and Waterproof – The watch is made from a tough carbon-coated material that keeps it free from dust and makes it perfectly waterproof. It doesn’t matter what you put it through, this watch will get through it perfectly.
  • 4th Gen Gorilla Glass – With the 4th generation Gorilla Glass used to make the screen, it’s possible to read the date and time on the watch in direct sunlight.
  • Super-Charged Battery – The high powered battery is one of the best features of the TAC25. Thanks to an incredibly powerful CR2450 610m/Ah button cell battery, this smartwatch has a stand-by time of up to 33 months. That’s over two and a half years of use from a single battery charge.
  • Language Support – The TAC25 Smart Watch supports a wide range of languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese. Anyone around the world can freely make use of it.
  • Date and Time – As a smart watch it’s no surprise that the watch shows the current date and time. It also has alarm functionality that allows you to set alarms and works as a smart stopwatch.
  • Remote Camera – The TAC25 features an inbuilt remote camera that can be used to take photos and videos on the go. Thanks to the BT4.0 technology and the social sharing features, you’ll be able to share anything you do across social media in an instant.
  • Call Reminders and App Notifications – One reason people invest in smartwatches is to get app notifications and call reminders. Simply connect your watch to your Android or iOS device and you’ll get extra alerts even when you aren’t by your phone.
  • Exercise Features – Thanks to a pedometer feature, calorie burning feature, and walking distance tracker, you’ll be able to keep track of how much exercise you get done in the day. It even lets you store movement data and transfer it to another device so you can keep everything in one central location.


The TAC25 is the ultimate smart watch. It has 25 great features and is made from sturdier stuff than most other devices. If you want to get the best possible smartwatch then you should consider investing in the TAC25 Smart Watch.

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