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Tabula Vita is built around what Dr. Gerhauser calls the “four commandments” of longevity.

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The Tabula Vita Review

The bible is filled with many mysteries, chief among which is the fact that people once lived to be several hundred years old. Adam, Noah, Methuselah, and more all lived to be close to 1,000 years old. Dr. Richard Gerhauser believes that he may have uncovered some of the secrets to this ancient longevity, and they are collected in his guide “The Tabula Vita”.

What is The Tabula Vita?

The Tabula Vita – or the “Book of Life” – contains the secrets that were supposed to be passed on to the next generation by Noah following the Great Flood. Reading through the Bible shows that the sudden drop in life expectancy comes after the Great Flood, with practically no explanation. Now the possible final resting place of the Ark may have been discovered and, with it, some of the secrets to a long and healthy life.

What do you Learn with The Tabula Vita?

The Tabula Vita is built around what Dr. Gerhauser calls the “four commandments” or four secrets of longevity. It outlines all of these secrets and explains what makes them so potent. The first of these secrets is gray salt.

Salt was very popular in biblical times. It was used to preserve food and salt was also put on offerings to God. While salt is still popular to this day, it isn’t the same kind of salt. The salt used to purify things in the bible is gray salt, which helps to fight cancer. Cancer cells are rich in a protein called Bcl-2, which is why they can be so hard to kill. The gray salt absorbs this protein and helps to repair the damaged cells. This natural purifier helps to prevent diseases as well as cancer, and can help contribute to a long and happy life.

Another one of the four secrets is that of “Noah’s Wine”. The bible mentions that Noah was the first person to make wine. It was so important to him that one of the first things he did after leaving the Ark was to plant a vineyard. The “wine”, which is closer to medicine than alcohol, has incredible benefits for the brain. The extracts from the grapes used to make it have been shown to protect brain cells from degenerative conditions. Noah’s wine also improves blood-flow to the brain, making it sharper and faster.

These are only two of the four secrets of The Tabula Vita. Dr. Gerhauser goes deep into all four secrets in the guide to show everyone what works for a long life, and why it works, including gray salt and “Noah’s Wine”.

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