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T-Cycle Alpha System gives you the low down on how to naturally boost testosterone levels and achieve your peak physique through a specialized regimen.

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T-Cycle Alpha System Review

These days it almost seems a crime to be a man. More and more people are labeling “masculinity” as a problem, as if just being a man is something to be hated for. It’s getting difficult to overlook the fact that there seems to be a lot less true “men” around. Whether this is a concentrated effort or not, there is one thing that’s clear; something has to be done about it. The T-Cycle Alpha System from Alpha Nation could be just what men around the world need.

What is the T-Cycle Alpha System?

T-Cycle Alpha System is the only testosterone boosting tactical fitness system that was put together by a real-life tactical operator. The system is designed to give men the testosterone levels they need to maintain their alpha male status, physique, and confidence all-year round. The system was designed to be used without the need for extra equipment, meaning that you can do the exercises whenever and wherever you want, using just your own body weight.

How Does T-Cycle Alpha System Work?

Research has shown that high intensity workouts stimulate the biggest possible releases of testosterone. By working hard and sticking with the intense workouts, you can get more testosterone flowing through your system. The system also works by preventing the aromatization process. This is the process in which fat cells convert male testosterone into female estrogen. It also works to fight cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that prevents the production and release of testosterone. Boosting testosterone levels and stopping these testosterone killers leads to a dramatic increase in testosterone levels.

What do you get with the T-Cycle Alpha System?

The T-Cycle Alpha System by Todd Lamb is packed full of ways to build muscle, generate testosterone, and destroy fat. This includes the exact 7-day training cycle to give you an incredible physique year round. This training regimen is the same one that special forces operators use to stay in shape and be ready to go whenever, wherever.

The System utilizes the proprietary Target Focused Muscle technique to force muscles to grow faster using nothing more than your own bodyweight. There’s no need to invest in a gym membership or try and put together a home gym.

You’ll learn the set and rep scheme you need to drastically increase growth hormone production. Growth hormone is one of the most important factors in building muscle and losing weight. It’s why human growth hormone supplements are becoming more popular. There’s no need to invest in supplements when you can get your body to make and release more HGH.

T-Cycle Alpha System looks at diet as well as exercise. You’ll learn what to eat and when to eat it based on your own individual macronutrient profile in order to keep testosterone levels optimized. The System looks at why it is okay for you to drink beer and eat meaty and manly foods like pia and burgers without having to sacrifice performance or physique.


T-Cycle Alpha System by Todd Lamb gives you the low down on how to naturally boost testosterone levels and achieve your peak physique through a regimen of proper eating and tough exercises. It’s put together by special forces agents who share their own dietary and fitness regimens and advice.

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