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Suspension Revolution 2.0 reveals how to get ripped abs with 191 unique suspension exercises, created by Dan Long, CPT, CKMT.

Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review

Have you ever wondered why most of the people who go to gym look the same after a few months, and a big chunk of those just give up after not seeing any tangible results?

The problem is that practically every type of exercise or machine you encounter in the gym or see people do online is only utilizing a fraction of available muscles, of which there are over 600!

The more muscles you activate, the more energy your body will require, and the more energy it requires the more fat it will burn.

Dan Long is a well-known and respected trainer for pro athletes, CPT, CKMT, and most importantly suspension trainer expert.

Dan Long created over 190 exercises to awaken those marginally used muscles in order to develop lean muscles, while not becoming impeded with muscle growth plateau. The more muscles you stimulate the more your body will be forced to burn fat, and as they are stimulated they will suffer micro tears, which is a good thing. In this thermogenesis phase, when you feel soreness, your muscles will rebuild, elevating your metabolism and keeping your body in a constant state of fat-burning, even when you are not exercising.

That’s right, even when you are sleeping your body will continue to transform fat into lean muscle. In science this is known as Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption – EPOC or just – after burn. However, this metabolic process will occur only if the activity is done right.

That’s why Dan crafted 191 unique Suspension exercises along with 27 metabolic workouts and finishers. This will not feel like any other exercise, you will have increased energy level AFTER you are finished with it, instead of feeling exhausted like with traditional exercises.

Suspension Revolution 2.0 by Dan Long caters to people of all levels of preparedness – beginner, intermediary and advanced, as the main program will reflect:

  • Blast Fat And Build Muscle With 27 Intense Workouts And 191 Amazing Suspension Exercises
  • 4 Week Beginner Suspension Revolution
  • 4 Week Intermediate Suspension Revolution
  • 4 Week Advanced Suspension Revolution

In addition to the main program you will receive 4 free bonuses:

  • Core Blasting Accelerators
  • Steel Pumping
  • Power Sets
  • Strap After-Burn Finishers
  • The Top 10 Suspension Exercises That No One Else Does (video)

As you can see, the programs are tailored for 4 week periods, and tangible results will follow that time-line, so Dan took it upon himself to further ease your purchase by offering you a 60-day full refund option!

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