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Survival Sanctuary offers 25 Quick-and-Easy DIY Off-Grid Projects you can do to make your home truly self-sustaining.

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Survival Sanctuary Review

The Survival Sanctuary is a manual with 25 Quick-and-Easy DIY Off-Grid Projects you can do to make your home truly self-sustaining. These projects are accessible, with clear instructions even a child could comprehend, and with high-quality pictures and diagrams that shows in detail what the product should look like in each steep.

Who is the author – James Miller?

James Miller is a suburban prepper who spent his early life in his father’s farm during the ‘Red Scare’ in the ’60s. His father was a real ‘survivalist’, had incredible ability with his hands and designed and construct a lot of projects on his own: from improvised power-generators to food gardens, different manners to conserve and store food, etc. He wrote down all his projects in his notebook.

Then, Miller in collaboration with the survival instructor Mark Johnson, the architect Lex P. Andrews and the experts at Survivopedia followed and improved the designs that Miller’s father and made the guide Surviving Sanctuary.

What is the S.C.A.R.R. Principle?

  • Simple: Easy to do, comprehend and repair.
  • Cheap: You use cheap materials you can find in any hardware shop.
  • Adaptable: The designs can be simply modified to suit the new or unknown circumstances you may confront.
  • Resilient: The materials are selected to be firm and durable.
  • Reliable: It’s a fact that, when you increase the complexity of any a design; there are more possibilities of going wrong with it. So in this guide the designs are dependable, using only the essentials.

Variety of Projects

  1. Four Easy Ways to Generate Your Own Electricity at Home.
  2. Growing Your Own Food In Small Spaces.
  3. How to Preserve and Store Your Food.
  4. A Simple & Cheap Alternative to Air Conditioning.
  5. Collecting and Storing Water Off-Grid.
  6. Build Your Own Radio.
  7. Make Your Own Weapons and Traps.

Also, if you order now Survival Sanctuary you can get for free three extras manuals that expands some of the chapters in the guide so you can enhance your projects.

Money Back Guarantee

The creators of this book guarantee that if you don’t like the manual, or somehow the designs don’t function for you, you can send to the support team an email on the first 60 days of having acquired the product and they will full-refund your the money.

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