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Survival MD covers everything you need to know to avoid nearly every life-threatening disease, when there is no doctor present.

Survival MD Book Review

When disaster strikes, natural and societal, people are always told to stock up on supplies and food, secure their home, and endure the proverbial storm.

Robert Gray, a survivor of hurricane Katrina, found such advice to be woefully and tragically inadequate. It turns out that surviving the initial burst of a disaster is just a tiny fragment of a process, of preparations needed to be taken beforehand.

After both Robert and his father survived the initial aftermath of the hurricane, that’s when the real struggle began. His father became abruptly ill, and even taking him to the hospital in a timely manner did him no good, as he soon after died.

Later, Robert found out that his father had a small cut on his ankle through which vibrio infection sneaked in from contaminated floodwater.

Survival MD - Vibrio

In fact, most people who died the following days died of infections, diseases, and the ensuing violence as the entire societal infrastructure collapsed. The doctors were of no help because they were not trained for third world conditions, breakdown of supply chain for medicine, and the overall failure to establish security.

Furthermore, the US medical system is rated, by The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), with D+, and certain states have flunked it entirely with an F- rating!

This is when Robert began to see how foolishly inadequate his Katrina preparations were, because he relied on the governmental system to function, to only find it disintegrating and useless within days of the catastrophe.

Feeling great regret and even guilt, he decided to engage in a thorough investigative effort to find out if he could have prevented what happened to his father, and thus possibly help other people in the future.

This investigation led him to Romania, one of the poorest countries in Europe, yet still with high level of healthy citizenry. Robert realized that if you have to work with as little as you can and still be effective what better place to look than poor or third world countries, which are, in a way, in a perpetual state of need.

Creation of Survival MD by Radu Scurtu

At this time he met Dr. Radu Scurtu, a general surgeon who saw both aspects of the medical world, as he later moved to Germany, to work in one of their cutting edge hospitals.

Dr. Radu Scurtu explained to Rob that about 80% of all the most dangerous medical conditions are caused by a handful of factors, if you could deal with these factors you could avoid nearly every life-threatening disease.

Referring to his father he even said that during a disaster a small number of tricks can decide the survival outcome, especially if there is no doctor present.

For the next following weeks Robert understood the full scope of what he needed to do and asked Dr. Radu Scurtu to help him build a comprehensive but easy to understand and implement survival manual.

Survival MD book is the fruition of that labor, among many other techniques it will impart you with this vital information:

  • How to easily and quickly make a diagnosis with the TeCaMoLo principle
  • Most useful medications and supplies you can gather
  • Which medications impede your body to heal itself
  • How to make your own effective first aid kit
  • 5 most common causes of death in the crisis aftermath
  • How to effectively manage waste disposal and water purity when you can no longer rely on public utilities

Survival MD - Medical Supplies

Furthermore, you will be able to find out the top worst medical mistakes in a crisis, some of which are:

  • Proper procedure when getting cut, stabbed, or bitten
  • Why to never use a plastic bag or wet bandage to dress the wound

Additionally, many other techniques useful in everyday life: fixing dislocated shoulder, how and where to acquire a couple of months’ worth of prescription medication, etc. etc.

This is only a tiny fraction of what could end up saving your life, and of your family.

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