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Surf Training Success includes six different workout videos with step by step instructions to training your body for surfing, put together by Cris Mills.

Surf Training Success Review

Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? Maybe you already gave it a go and realized that it’s a lot more difficult than it looks. Surfing takes great physical strength and endurance. What you need is a little Surf Training Success. A surf training program that helps you surf better and longer by following the same training programs that pros do.

Surf Training Success has been put together by Cris Mills, a surfer who has been training people for years. He wanted to put down everything he knew into an easy to purchase, download, and read guide. It’s all electronic so there’s nothing to be shipped to you. It’s filled with everything you need to know about eating and training like a surfer.

Surf Training Success includes six different workout videos with step by step instructions. These exercises are great for training your body for surfing. If you don’t have the body then you won’t be able to surf properly. There are videos for each workout, as well as illustrated guides that you can print out and take to the gym with you.

Also included are training success templates. These templates let you create exercise routines of your own, and create an exercise regime for training your body. The six workouts can be slotted into this easily to ensure that you get the best workout possible. These templates give you all the important information you need. So you won’t be making any more mistakes with your workouts.

Surfers also need excellent flexibility and the ability to move with fluidity. Cris has worked with professionals in the rehab and fitness world to create a great workout to create fluid movements and beef up your flexibility. These seven drills will improve joints and show you how to get rid of the tightness that stops you moving them properly. These exercises are also great for people who feel they aren’t as mobile as they used to be.

With Surf Training Success you also learn the secrets to recovering your soft tissue to remove aches and pains, and bring back movement to your joints. It’ll help you just feel good overall. You learn how to recover faster between surfing sessions and stop pain building up in your joints, as well as how to treat the pain that builds up in your knees and the bottom of your feet. Being on a board all the time is going to hurt your feet after all.

There are more exercises for your shoulders and everything else you need to surf properly and safely. It’s all compiled in to an easy to follow guide that will have you fighting fit and surfing in no time. On top of all of this you also learn the foods you should be eating to build up lean muscle.

Cris is an excellent surfing trainer with plenty of success stories under his wing. If you have trouble following the lessons in the guide or think that it’s not helping you then you do have access to a full refund.

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