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SuperNatural System is the ultimate guide to getting laid, by following a three step process.

SuperNatural System by Julian Foxx Review

Have you ever dreamed of being able to have any girl you want? To be able to walk into a bar, pick a woman, and walk out with her? Every man has at some point. Some of them are even able to do it, but others need a bit of help. The SuperNatural System by Julian Foxx could be the extra help you need.

What is the SuperNatural System?

This system is the ultimate guide to getting laid, to put it simply. It follows a three step process. The first is to choose the girl that you want. The second is to say one of the “magic phrases” that have been proven to get a girl in the mood. They trigger a release of Oxytocin in her brain, which is a bonding chemical that is released during orgasm. The third step is to use a few of the other magic phrases to seal the deal.

What do you Learn with SuperNatural System?

Outside of the “magic phrases” and advice on how to pick up chicks, the guide is filled with a range of techniques and tactics you can employ on just about any woman. Here’s a look at what you can learn from Julian Foxx:

  • Back Door Action – These seven little words get her curious about your apartment. So curious, in fact, that she’d invite herself in just to see it.
  • Escape the Friend Zone – This technique shows you how to get out of the friend zone and get with the girl you’ve been after for years. Whether you transition that into a proper relationship or just want to bang them is up to you.
  • Make Women Approach You – One of the hardest parts of hitting on women is knowing how to approach them. With this technique, you can kiss goodbye to approach anxiety. Julian shows you how to give off a subconscious vibe that gets women curious about you to the point that they’ll approach you and start the conversation.
  • Boyfriend Destroyer – Just because she has a boyfriend doesn’t mean that you can’t get her. You’ll learn how to secretly find out if she’s dating another guy, as well as how to sow the seeds of distrust. Once she starts doubting her boyfriend, you can move in as a suitable replacement.
  • How to Handle Younger Women – There’s a right way and a wrong way to approach younger women. That idea that you’ve got is probably the wrong one. Just about every man does it wrong. SuperNatural System shows you the right way to approach younger women.
  • Cheat-Proof a Relationship – This guide isn’t just about getting women, there’s also advice on how to keep them. This technique will make it so that she never even thinks about getting with another guy so you have a lasting relationship.

And much more!

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