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Superior Singing Method is an online singing course consisting of top quality coaching videos to master singing, created by Aaron Anastasi.

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Superior Singing Method Review

In the members area, there are about 10 modules, each of which is a set of vocal lessons that come with numerous exercises. In total, you will have access to 31 vocals lessons and 49 coaching videos.

Who is Aaron Anastasi?

Superior Singing Method - Aaron AnastasiAaron Anastasi is a professional singer and a vocal coach. According to his website, he has helped hundreds of people improve their singing voices with his unique coaching style and marvelous techniques. The Superior Singing Method is the epitome of Aaron Anastasi’s teaching career that have been getting great reception from the public.

What’s Inside the Package

Module One – An primer to the whole Superior Singing Method. You will have a good grasp of what the schedule will be like and what exactly you will learn and walking through this module. It also comes with warm-up that will have you prepare for the upcoming lessons. By the end of this module, you will be practicing all the things you’ve learned in the previous lessons.

Module Two – This module is all about managing your breath. There are copious breathing exercises that will help you learn the invaluable techniques to be in full control of your breath. In each day’s lesson, there will be something that’s worth taken away and benefits you in long term.

Module Three – In the third week’s modules, your vocal tone shall be improved. You’ll work on soft palate control and overcome problems such as nasal cavity or the vocal as if you always have a cold.

Module Four – This module is about singing on pitch. Needless to say, the ability to consistently sing on pitch is paramount to a singer’s success. It could be tough to get going at first, but gradually you be better and better at it by grinding through the exercises.

Module Five – The theme of this module is the power and resonance in your voice. You will learn control your tongue placement and the resonance of your voice. There will also be a lot of explanation in great details why Aaron ask you to execute such exercises.

Module Six – This module is in a more advanced realm. It covers techniques like singing in higher notes, and how to mix different vocal styles and techniques altogether at will. Also you will learn the tips and tricks on blend your head voice with your chest voice without ruining the natural sound.

Module Seven – Now this is the fascinating stuff. You will learn how to get the vocal agility, the ability to jump from one note to another without cracking the voice or producing any undesirable artifacts, as every great singer possesses.

Module Eight – This is the last module of the core of the course. It’s about strengthening and taking your voice to another level, and you should have noticed a remarkable progress if have been assiduously following along the course and every exercises.

Module Nine – This is actually a bonus module. Here you will make progress on the mental aspect of being a singer, conquering stage fright and consistently bringing out your best regardless of the size of the crowd. Some strategies this module offer are pure gold.

Module Ten – This another bonus module that is about the marketing aspect. You will learn how to promote your music and start to scale up your business and generate an income from it.

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