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Subliminal Guru has a range of subliminal audio tracks for improving certain aspects of your life, encouraging you to achieve your goals.

Subliminal Guru Review

The human mind is an incredible thing. The right message, delivered in the right way, can influence the brain and have far-reaching effects including boosting mood, energy levels, and promoting better sleep. While some people are wary of the idea of subliminal messages, the fact is they can be used for a lot of positive things, as evidenced by Subliminal Guru from Inspire3.

What is Subliminal Guru?

Subliminal Guru is a store selling a range of subliminal audio tracks for improving certain aspects of your life. These tracks offer a positive mental boost and encourage you to push you towards achieving your goals. They can be used for all manner of things including losing weight, boosting confidence, and more. Just choose the area you’re looking to improve, get the audio track, and listen to it.

How Subliminal Guru Works

The tracks target the subconscious mind, reminding it of your goals and ambitions. If you are able to imprint your goals on your subconscious it makes it easier to achieve your goals. That is because the subconscious mind has a major impact on your mental abilities and motivation. Subliminal Guru works through the use of affirmations.

Think about how much better you feel after telling yourself a positive affirmation. Then think about how much better you would feel to have it said a thousand times until it truly sticks in your head. This is how Subliminal Guru works. It changes your thinking patterns and makes you believe that you can truly achieve your goals; which makes achieving them much simpler.

What is Included in Subliminal Guru?

There’s a lot of goodies packed into the program, including being able to create your own subliminal messages. Each track that you buy comes in seven versions of a 10 minute track. This gives you the option of choosing the one that works best for you. You’ll receive:

  • The acoustic mix – this delivers the subliminals through acoustic sounds
  • Brown noise mix – this clears distractions through brown noise
  • Rainfall mix – great for those who want some nature sounds
  • Relaxation mix – for when you want to relax while listening
  • Stream mix – this version sounds like running water
  • Workout mix – makes use of high energy and up-beat sounds for working out
  • Spoken subliminal version – this version includes voices to pack some extra power
  • Brainwave entertainment version – this gets your mind in an attentive state to ensure you really take in the tracks

Each of these versions are included in the price of a single track. A full album of mixes comes out at 2 hours and 20 minutes. It’s possible to buy a single subliminal track or a bundle of tracks designed around achieving specific goals. Create your own subliminal tracks by choosing an affirmation and music to go with it, and submitting it to Inspire3. They will compile the track for you and then send it to you via email.


There’s no telling just how powerful the subliminal mind is. Tap into that power and make it your own with the use of subliminal messages from Subliminal Guru and achieve your goals; whether that’s boosting brain power, losing weight, improving your mood, or anything in-between.

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