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Stroke of Genius includes the secret six phases to the perfect handjob, opening your man up to a whole new world of pleasure, by Cassidy Lyon.

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Many women have no problem at all giving their man a handjob. Unfortunately not all of them are really very good at it and men aren’t all that good at telling them about it. If you’re worried about your hand job technique or would just like to know how to do it properly then you need Stroke of Genius by Cassidy Lyon.

Stroke of Genius teaches you everything you need to know about a man’s body and how you can really please him. You’ll learn the real reason that they lie about how good you’re doing even if you’re actually hurting them. Of course you’ll also learn how to give the perfect hand job and make your man come running back for more even though you’ve kept your clothes on.

Cassidy Lyon’s Stroke of Genius includes the secret six phases to the perfect handjob. Men instinctively know how they want a hand job to go but they aren’t very good at communicating this to women, and so you’re left just guessing. Follow these simple steps to give your man a hand job like he’s never had before.

If your man is spending more time with porn or playing with himself than you it’s time you did something about it. With the “Masturbation Escape Plan” method you’ll learn how to get your man away from himself and back to you. He won’t be able to help himself when he realizes how much pleasure you give him compared to porn and masturbation.

Stroke of Genius also contains what Cassidy Lyon calls the “Hands of Handjob Agreement”. Any woman who has tried to give a hand job knows that, no matter how good you are, a man will still try and have sex with you as soon as you start. This “agreement” uses a mix of psychological triggers and hypnotic language to make the man agree to do nothing without impeaching on the masculinity and control that stops him from allowing you to do anything you want.

As well as learning the six steps to the ultimate hand job you’ll learn a variety of other handjob techniques, such as the Kiss of the Fingernails technique, which barely requires any touching at all to really turn him on. There’s also the Soft Pleasure Method, the Tantalizing Twister, The Tip Swirl, Two Hands on the Wheel, and the Prostate Percolator; which involves gently teasing the prostate to open your man up to a whole new world of pleasure.

As well as all these techniques and more you’ll receive a variety of free gifts including 50 Intimacy Ideas. This guide contains 50 tried and true methods to get your man to open up emotionally and connect with you like never before. You’ll also receive the Naughty Girl’s Toy Chest. Some women find the idea of sex toys intimidating and this guide introduces you to that world slowly. The third and final freebie will open up your eyes and ears to how men really think. Cassidy Lyon sat six men in a room together and got them to talk to each other about what they like and don’t like in a woman and her sexual techniques. Cassidy calls it The Hand Job Interviews and they can be yours as part of Stroke of Genius.

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