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Stripper Shark a four-part guide to landing any stripper you want, created by Julian Foxx.

Stripper Shark by Julian Foxx Review

Have you ever been to a strip club and wondered what it would be like to get to touch the talent? Maybe go further with them if you wanted to? While it’s true that most clubs have a “no touching” policy, what she does in her own time is up to her. There’s nothing to stop you from chatting a stripper up and getting with her after hours. Well, nothing except the fact that she probably doesn’t want to date you. Stripper Shark by Julian Foxx is your guide to getting a stripper to go all the way with you.

What is Stripper Shark?

Stripper Shark is, in Julian Foxx’s own words, “The Ultimate Stripper Banging System”. It’s a four-part guide to landing any stripper you want. They are some of the horniest and filthiest girls out there, so it’s an opportunity no guy should want to miss out on. That doesn’t make it easy though. Julian essentially has the “cheat codes” to make it happen for you.

What do you Get with Stripper Shark?

The Stripper Shark program is broken down into four key parts, which are themselves broken down into individual topics. Here’s what you get with the guide;

Part 1 – Breaking Through her Defensive Barrier

  • Burst Her “Act” – You’ll learn the sentence that calls out a stripper on her games and makes her drop the sales pitch. She’ll stop seeing you as a customer and start seeing you as something more<.
  • The Trick that Gets her Trust – Strippers in general have a hard time trusting others. This module shows you how to earn that trust and make her feel comfortable and safe with you.

Part 2 – Slipping It In For the First Time

  • Meet the Right One First – The secret to banging a stripper for the first time is to choose the right one. Strip clubs are packed full of beautiful women anyone would want, but you need to know which one to go for first. These girls like to talk, so getting the first one gets you in with the whole club.
  • Unleash Her Inner Sex Queen – Strippers simulate sex as part of their job. Whether they’re on the pole or giving you a lap dance, they are building sexual skills that other women could only ever dream of. This module looks at how to turn those practices into the real thing.

Part 3 – The Stripper Domino Effect

  • Leverage Your Stripper with Regular Girls – A stripper could be just what you need if a girl is giving you a hard time. Nothing makes a crush more jealous than having a girl that’s hotter than they are.
  • Meet Other Strippers – Strippers really do tend to hang out outside of work. This module shows you how you can get in on those meetings and meet all the strippers you want without causing a problem.

Part 4 – Earning Her Loyalty for Life

  • Keep It a Secret – Strippers know a thing or two about keeping secrets. In this module you’ll learn how to make your stripper keep you a secret so no one else finds out about it.
  • Stripper Sugar Mamas – One reason girls go into stripping is because they make a lot of money. This technique looks at how to get her to spend her money on you and get your stripper to take care of you.


Stripper Shark turns you into the kind of man that strippers just can’t resist. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to date a stripper, or just bang one, then let Julian Foxx show you how it’s done. Learn how to get a stripper, how to keep her, and how to do just about anything you want with her with Stripper Shark.

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