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Strength Psychology teaches you to get yourself “combat ready” without the need to drop and give someone 20, with the shortcuts from the military.

Strength Psychology Review

No matter what you think about the military you have to admit that soldiers are some of the most disciplined people in the world. Even the most basic person can enter the military and come out a calm and collected warrior with nerves of steel. No one is born with that kind of iron will. Military trainers are adept at toughening new recruits and they can do it in a matter of weeks.

It’s the strength of mind that allows a police officer to stay calm and control a situation where hundreds of lives are at stake. It’s what lets a firefighter run into a burning building without caring for their own safety. Now Mike Westerdal wants to make it something you can use for yourself.

Mike is the founder of, a fitness author, and a personal trainer. He believes that people these days are beginning to lose their edge because the comfort of modern life means that we’re losing touch with ourselves. It’s true that we no longer have to fight for food or territory but it’s also true that we still need that mental toughness that would allow us to do so. Life isn’t always comfortable and sometimes you need to do things above and beyond the norm. You might think you have the skills to protect yourself. But do you have the mental toughness? If someone attacked you or a loved one would you have the clarity of mind to take them out with impunity or would you freeze up?

That’s where Strength Psychology comes in. It’s either this or join the military yourself and come back with the emotional scars of war along with the tougher mind. Mike knows what it takes to toughen people up. Strength Psychology is put together using three shortcuts that the military and government agencies use to toughen up recruits and get them combat ready. By following the advice in Strength Psychology you can get yourself “combat ready” without the need to drop and give someone twenty or pull a trigger.

Mike Gillette has definitely lived a battle tested life. He’s been a paratrooper, a SWAT commander, a bodyguard, and has even broken strongman records and is in the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame. He knows what it takes to make you as mentally tough as he is. His skills would be useless if he didn’t have the mindset to use them.

There are three steps to a tough mind and Strength Psychology guides you through all of them. First of all comes the mindset. You need to understand how your mental state can affect your physical one. Gain control of your mind and begin building that mental toughness. Next comes the planning stage. Planning goals and how you will achieve them. You can train a mind like you can train a muscle. Finally comes mastery; putting everything together and achieving a level of mental toughness rarely seen outside of a combat situation.

Mike Gillette promises to toughen you up or give you your money back. It’s as simple as that really. There’s nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain. The right mindset will take you pretty far in life and ensure you’re ready for anything.

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