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Start Potty Training contains 6 crucial building blocks for potty-training, which you must follow through if you want to see results in as little as 3 days.

Start Potty Training Book Review

Forget what you have heard about potty-training from your parents or grandparents. Most of that information, or rather personal opinions and hearsay, is dangerously outdated and most likely will hurt your chances in quickly and easily potty-training your child.

The worst you could do is approach this stage of your child’s development without a sound, proven plan. Not to mention that the trial and error “approach” will only confuse your child and worsen the whole process.

Carol Cline, a successful owner of a daycare business, has developed a system which will make it possible to potty-train your child within only 3 days.

When Carol began to gather information about the quickest, best way to potty-train she tried a lot of gimmicks and money-wasters, but after a while she noticed an interesting trend: kids who used pullup diapers took twice as long to potty-train than the kids whose parents did not use pullup diapers at all. She confirmed this trend in her daycare on a consistent basis.

Of course, the reason why pullups are becoming so popular is quite predictable; when your child gets older the huge diaper industry gets to lose a lot of money, so they make sure you buy diapers after diapers, and so came to be the – pullups. It is always about the bottom line with corporations.

To rectify this and other issues Start Potty Training program is available in book, video and audio course, it contains 6 crucial building blocks for potty-training, which you must follow through if you want to see results in as little as 3 days:

  1. Readying your child for potty-training, even if they show no interest in potty-training it is very important to prepare them before they are ready, to smooth the whole process.
  2. Preparing yourself, exact plan on everything you need to do to make the transition easy. After this chapter you will be ready for all the pitfalls of potty-training.
  3. The first day of potty-training is crucial as it sets the tone for the following two days. With a step-by-step guide you will know exactly what to do to succeed.
  4. Potty-training at night, something you will not find anywhere else. This phase guarantees that not only will your child stay dry during the night but go on their own to do the deed.
  5. How to get over the last two days by using various motivational tactics to make sure your child will go to the potty every single time. In their minds, they will already have established a strong connection to use the bathroom on their own.
  6. The final phase insures that regression is not a possibility, even for the world’s most stubborn child.

Carol successfully proliferated this book to over 263,000 people in over 154 countries for the last 4 years. If you want to be one of the lucky ones to use, since updated, Start Potty Training book order now to alleviate your life and avail yourself to methods that will save you a lot of headaches.

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