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The Spy Escape And Evasion teaches you all the nuts and bolts of being a spy, created Jason Hanson, a former CIA officer.

The Spy Escape And Evasion Review

As the government continues to grow beyond all measure, insinuating itself in every aspect of people’s private lives, and as it continues to destabilize the world, bringing about more terrorist threats than ever before, it would be wise to do an assessment of what skills do you really possess when push comes to shove?

Dangerous situations arise in everyday life too:

Car accidents, road rage, arguments with co-workers, family life or relationship discord, etc. etc…

There are a lot of people in the world, and human behavior can unpleasantly surprise you when you least expect it, no matter the situation you find yourself in. Are you ready to truly cope with the unpredictable?

Jason Hanson, a former CIA officer and a security specialist, also known from the TV show “Shark Tank”, has collated his formidable experience and acquired security expertise into a life-saving toolset titled The Spy Escape And Evasion program, which can benefit everyone, no matter how much safe you think you are.

These proven techniques can not only save your life and your property, but also the lives of your loved ones:

  • What is the best way to make an improvised weapon if you do not have any other option for protection at your disposal?
  • Master the supremely useful skill of lock-picking, for a variety of lock and padlock types.
  • Learn how to escape handcuffs, duct tape, zip ties in 30 seconds or less without the use of knife.
  • Learn about the 3-step process of disappearing without a trace, even from the governmental clutches.
  • What does it take to create an Escape and Evasion Kit?
  • How to start a car without the ignition key?
  • How to employ social engineering to progress your goals?
  • How to tell if someone is lying to you?
  • What is the best way to stop a home invasion, even the most deadly ones.
  • How to make untraceable phone calls.
  • How to determine is someone is following or surveilling you.
  • Learn all about firearms, which one is best for which occasion, how to properly store and use them.

All that and more can be found in the following sets of DVDs, thematically structured for your convenience:

  1. What To Do When A Crisis Occurs
  2. What To Do If You’re Kidnapped
  3. Social Engineering Secrets
  4. What You Need To Know About Disguises
  5. Surveillance And Counter Surveillance
  6. How To Hot-Wire A Car
  7. How To Become A Human Lie Detector

The Spy Escape And Evasion program consists of 30 sections covering topics for all possible contingencies you might find yourself in.

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