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Spine Control Program is your guide to building a strong and durable spine, put together by Eric Wong.

Spine Control Program by Precision Movement Overview

The Spine Control Program is your guide to building a strong and durable spine. It was put together by Eric Wong, otherwise known as “Coach E.”, the head of Precision Movement.

Precision Movement – and Eric himself – have put together a lot of quality guides on a variety of physical health subjects. You know you’re getting information directly from the expert with this guide.

What do you Get with Spine Control Program?

Master Manual

Once you read through the Master Manual you’ll understand all of the background and science that goes into the course, including how recurring injuries and pain happen and what you can do to prevent them in the future.

When you’ve finished reading you’ll have a better understanding of your lower back and how it all functions. This will give you the confidence you need to push through with the exercises. You’ll know what they do and how, making you more likely to want to succeed with them.

Assessment Guide

The assessment guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to assess your back. There are four assessments in all. They all assess different elements of back health and give you a baseline you can work from. Track how you perform in the course by comparing against the baseline you get.

Training Guides

The Training Guides are divided up into three phases. Each one covers what exercises you need to do, how often you need to do them, and how you can progress through them as you go through the course as a whole.

The exercises all come with clear pictures and complete bullet point instructions so you know just what to do.

High Quality Video Instructions

Would you prefer video instructions on the exercises? Eric Wong has you covered. You’ll be shown precisely how to do the exercises, along with the common mistakes to watch out for. The exercises are simple, but not foolproof.

The videos can all be streamed online or downloaded directly to your computer. That way you can watch them whenever you want on whatever device you want, giving you total freedom.

Money-Back Guarantee

Eric Wong has a deep understanding of the human body. He created Precision Movement to help share this knowledge. The Spine Control Program focuses on the back in particular, and helps you to work towards a back that will stay strong for years to come.

Not satisfied with the results? Don’t worry, as there’s always the money back guarantee for anyone who doesn’t get the results they expected.

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