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Spec Ops Shooting teaches you how to survive during an active shooter situation and how to really protect yourself in a real emergency.

Spec Ops Shooting Review

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that these days there seems to be a lot more gun crime. It feels like we can’t go a week without hearing about another active shooter. Unfortunately sometimes the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That’s why you have your gun; why you take it with you wherever you go; and why you spend hours on the range perfecting your technique. How would you really respond in a real-life situation though? If you want to know how to survive during an active shooter situation and how to really protect yourself in a real emergency then Spec Ops Shooting program by retired US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant Brian Morris is the guide for you.

There are a lot of things acting against you during an active shooter situation. For a start adrenaline forces both your eyes open while you’re used to aiming with one eye, so your focus and aim is off. Spec Ops Shooting teaches you how to overcome these faults and improve your accuracy and ability to keep cool and be a tactical shooter that can handle any situation and take down any number of targets.

Brian teaches you one of the lesser-known (but no less important) aspects of gun training that will give you the power to control any battle you find yourself in, even the ones that don’t involve guns. This is the ability to deal with pain and hardship. It turns you into an efficient and powerful guardian, and a much more efficient and happier human being in general.

Panic is a major problem during a live shooter situation. That’s why Brian teaches you three simple methods you can use to develop a powerful mindset that can see you through any stress to keep you calm and focused during a shootout. Avoiding panic is one of the key steps to surviving any situation, particularly one as dangerous and stressful as an active shooter situation.

Having the right mindset is important too, which is why Brian Morris gives you some simple activities you can make part of your everyday life to develop that all important mindset. Speaking of mindsets, it’s important to know how the other person is thinking too. Brian takes you inside the mind of the terrorist and shows you the 7 stage planning cycle that terrorists almost always follow, along with how to stop a situation before it becomes mass murder and the 6 signs that a terror plot is unfolding.

Another important thing in Spec Ops Shooting: A Green Beret’s Guide To Combat Shooting Mastery & Active Shooter Defense is to avoid being mistaken for the shooter yourself. Brian teaches you how to conduct yourself so you can avoid being mistaken for the terrorist along with how you should really be taking people out in an active situation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Brian Morris has the experience to put together a complete guide like this, so you can trust the information to be accurate and useful. If anyone knows a thing or two about how to take down terrorists and active shooters it’s a member of the Special Forces.

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