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Speak To Spark Arousal contains many techniques to trip a woman’s sexual tripwire discreetly, gaining you confidence to speak to any women at any time.

Speak To Spark Arousal Review

Are you tired of being ignored by women for the benefit of some other guy, or being told that you should just “be yourself” without even knowing what that means?

Do you want to know what makes woman really tick, sexually?

Scientists have discovered a master’s switch in woman’s brain which controls her sexual behavior. This is based on hard science from MIT, Stanford and Harvard Universities. When this “switch” is tripped two critical things happen:

  1. It triggers an arousal response, her pupils dilate, her breath quickens, her cheeks and breasts blush red, her back arches, she gets wet in the nether regions…
  2. As this is happening the function of other parts of her brain diminish, like the part responsible for rational decision-making and impulse control. In other words, all the areas evolved to put a break on her sexual behavior become dormant. This phenomena is called the “Override Effect”.

This is why women make so many bad decisions when it comes to sex: cheating husbands, boyfriends, hooking up with ex-boyfriends even though she knows it’s bad for her, getting in bed with strangers…and just think of all those attractive school teachers caught for having sex with their students, risking their whole careers and even jail time.

That’s how powerful the removal of these breaks in her brain becomes. But not only, that, when this state is triggered she succumbs under the influence of bonding hormones, so no matter the rational reasons bubbling up on the surface of her mind, she can’t help herself from wanting to be your girlfriend.

As you might have guessed, Speak To Spark Arousal is a program that contains many techniques to trip a woman’s sexual tripwire, discreetly. This can even be done during a casual conversation without her ever having a clue that something else is going on:

  • “Automatic Looping” – make her continually play dirty thoughts and feelings about you in her head
  • Use conversational silences to your advantage, in order to get her to feel an overwhelming amount of sexual tension that can only be broken by her making a move on you.
  • Find out what to say when she says that she has a boyfriend, or that she is not interested in seeing you. With this technique you will stand out from the crowd, show great confidence, and compel her to take initiative to see you again.
  • How to put sexual conversation on autopilot; when you are doing something that appears effortless, you are giving an impression of confidence and skill, which is a huge turn on for women.
  • Learn how to use her curiosity to get invested in face-to-face conversations and texting.
  • How to react to any rational objection she might have to dating you, or even being alone with you, in a way that raises her arousal and wipes any concerns from her mind.

Once you master these and many other techniques you will gain confidence to speak to any women at any time, with great results. All without portraying yourself as a player or some kind of pickup artist.

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