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Spartagen XT reverses back the clock on your T-level production, containing an exact mix of vitamins, minerals and concentrated herbal extracts.

Spartagen XT Review

What defines masculinity in all of its physical features is a hormone called testosterone. It is found not just in humans but in all mammalian and primate species. Testosterone affects a wide range of factors essential to men’s health and well-being, so not surprisingly its reduction causes numerous issues:

  • Erectile dysfunction – not directly responsible, however, testosterone does stimulate receptors in the brain in order to release nitric oxide, a substance that is responsible for achieving erection.
  • Muscle mass loss – according to Mayo clinic, low testosterone decreases both muscle strength and mass, in which case your weight training becomes a futile effort.
  • Fatigue and low energy – if you have an unexplainable fatigue, despite eating right and sleeping regularly, the most likely culprit is the low testosterone level
  • Bone Mass decrease – although Osteoporosis is more commonly associated with women, men are also affected. If you’ve had low T level for years you significantly risk the chance of fractures that otherwise wouldn’t occur.
  • Low semen volume – contrary to popular belief, semen is not the actual sperm but the white fluid that enables the sperm mobility. Lower testosterone reduces the production of this fluid, thus lowering your capacity to impregnate.
  • Emotional disposition – loss of concentration, memory lapses, decreased motivation, depression, irregular sleep…are all psychological side effects of low testosterone levels.
  • Body fat increase – If you’ve seen a man with gynecomastia or “manboobs” it’s likely he has low T production, testosterone is key in distributing fat, especially in the chest area.
  • Hair loss – Not to be conflated with male pattern boldness or androgenetic alopecia, this affects reduction in your entire body hair, including facial.

Men naturally lose 1% of testosterone level, per year, after the age of 30, but there are significant external factors that can also accelerate this reduction, even before that age. Although it is hard to pinpoint one single thing as a major cause, it is many things at once in our modern day, industrialized life-style: foods laced with pesticides, toxins, additives, preservatives, meats bolstered with hormones, packaging substances like phthalates that are known to suppress testosterone, etc.etc.

Whatever the causes, be it external or just the natural andropause, Spartagen XT is designed to reverse back the clock on your T-level production.

The main ingredient of Spartagen XT is Edge Bioactives Tongkat ali, also known as “Asian Viagra”. It has been used for centuries as a libido-enhancing substance, but in recent years it has also gained traction in the bodybuilding world. Obviously, both cases of past usage indicate strong efficacy in raising testosterone production.

Tongkat ali has undergone clinical trials on animals, demonstrating increased libido, superior semen quality, and increased muscle growth.

But that is not all, Edge Bioactives’ Spartagen XT also contains an exact mix of vitamins, minerals and concentrated herbal extracts, researched and produced for the sole purpose of addressing wide range of issues associated with andropause, and to neutralize many external factors found in our environment that are deleterious to the production of this vital hormone.

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